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Ghost Golf

1913 Salvio St., Concord

Reviewed 10/18/10 by Hauntmistress

Ghost Golf - Concord

Ghost Golf - Concord

Ghost Golf - Concord

Ghost Golf - Concord

Ghost Golf - Concord

I love miniature golf. I love Halloween. Combine them? I’m there!

A short walk from Todos Santos Plaza in Concord is Ghost Golf. It is a wonderful concept – get in the Halloween spirit by playing mini golf through a dark and haunted cemetery!

The course is appropriate for kids. It’s not overly gory, but it’s very Halloween-y. Halloween music blasts from the speakers, perhaps a little too loudly at times, but it helps set the mood.

There are nine holes and each hole has a very nice prop offerring a startle or a little show. They were all visually very interesting and care was taken to make each detailed and attractive. However, the timing of the props was a little off at times, offering a show for the first person to play through, but leaving subsequent players wondering what happened.

The course is indoors, so it’s not weather-dependent, but the space is a little small. I can’t envision more than two or maybe three parties playing at one time on the course. However, it only takes about 15 minutes to get through the whole thing so there wouldn’t be that long to wait if you had to.

Interestingly, the course has a better golf club selection than the year-round miniature golf places I've been – from very short to very tall. There was even a club for my 6’4” dad to use comfortably.

As fun as it was, the course is really short for $9. I would feel it was a better value if there were more holes or if it were $5 for nine holes. I would also prefer more holes just to make the experience longer. The holes could also be a little more challenging (most were par 2 or 3 for our group), and a few seats here and there would be nice so you could sit for a few minutes and enjoy looking at the course or to wait for other players.

They do have a sarcophagus table and coffin chairs in front that can be reserved for parties through their website but aren't available otherwise.

Overall, I did enjoy our visit and I would love to see Ghost Golf come back next year improved and expanded!

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When Oct. 1-31, 2010, Sun.-Thurs. 11 am-11 pm; Fri.-Sat. 11 am-midnight
Where 1913 Salvio Street, Concord
Admission $9
Contact www.GhostGolfConcord.com

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