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Fright Fest

Six Flags Marine World, Vallejo

Reviewed by: Hauntmaster 10/09/2000

Marine World hosts a very well publicized haunt called Fright Fest. It's held in a tent in the lower parking lot of Marine World near the main entrance. The Hauntmistress and I showed up early on opening day to beat the crowds and for easy parking. For those of you that haven't been to Marine World, if you aren't lucky you could end up parking, what feels like, several miles from the park. We however were able to park within ten feet of the haunt which both impressed and delighted us. In hind sight, showing up early on the first day was perhaps not the best idea. The attraction appeared to be still finding it's groove. Still, it was a pleasant experience.

When you arrive you'll pay the $5 admission at a small booth and proceed to a circus tent with Alice Cooper's Brutal Planet haunt inside. The haunt is set up much like many other professional/amusement park style haunts. You follow a winding path of switchbacks through a series of 12 rooms. If at first this seems disappointing cheer up. The haunt was done quite well. There were some sections that didn't quite work but it was obvious that this is going to be a real Fright Fest (pun intended) by this weekend.

Of particular note was the last room of the haunt, the Vampire Cave. I won't spoil this for you but the queen vampire has some of the most spectacular make up and prosthetics I've ever seen and the vampire's are all damn sexy to boot. The room is just damn creepy. The stuff of nightmares. As a gauge of haunt value I often use how many times the Hauntmistress jumps, grasps, screams, or runs. Based on these rather subjective observations this is a haunt that will deliver!

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