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Concord Cascade Haunted House

Concord Cascade Mobile Home Park, 245 Aria Dr., Pacheco

Reviewed 10/21/11 by Hauntmistress

After last year's great experience at the Cascade Haunted House I had high expectations for our visit this year. And I'm glad to say I wasn't disappointed!

Once again Cascade offers a haunted house that doesn't rely on props and is original, hip, and fun.

Each room elicited a scream or a laugh and there was frequently something unexpected that happened.

The actors are the true heroes of this haunt. They are in character, perfectly costumed, come at you from varying directions, and genuinely seem to care about giving you a good scare. I loved them all, from the boy trying to saw off his foot to the girl who wanted us to play with her. She has a cute little boyfriend that I encourage you to check out. So funny!

Many of the rooms looked simple and weren't overly polluted with props or decor, but had great use of sounds, lighting, and fog and were really effective. And again, the plentiful actors really made it exceptional.

I particularly loved the dot room. The ceiling moves in the wind and it's a great effect. I was looking up for such a long time that I was completely startled when I looked back down and was about to run into one dot person and step on another.

I also loved the hallways of darkness and the extra-long and disorienting double vortex tunnel.

Cascade is, once again, one of my favorite haunts this season, especially for the price, so run over for a visit!

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When Oct. 21-22, 28-29, 2011, 7 pm-midnight
Where Concord Cascade Mobile Home Park, 245 Aria Dr., Pacheco
Admission $8
Contact www.concordcascadehauntedhouse.com

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