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Bay Area Top Picks 10-28-11 to 10-31-11 10/27/11

Halloween is here! Here are our Top Picks for fun for the last weekend of the month (including Oct. 31st)....more

Halloween Cartoon Nostalgia 10/19/11

Been feeling a little nostalgic this afternoon so I decided to find some classic Halloween cartoons....more

Cheap Halloween Fun Awaits You Around San Francisco 10/18/11

Halloween is almost here and there are many free activities in and around San Francisco to help you celebrate. Here are a few to get you thinking about what to do....more

Bay Area Top Picks 10-21-11 to 10-23-11 10/18/11

There's only two more weekends of Halloween fun left, so you better hurry and find something you want to do! Here are our Top Picks for the fourth weekend in October....more

Bay Area Libraries Celebrate Halloween 10/18/11

Bay Area libraries are getting into the Halloween spirit and offering many fun activities for kids and families....more

Picture Perfect Halloween Photo Contest 10/17/11

Enter your awesome Halloween photos for a chance to win great prizes from Fujifilm!....more

Bay Area Top Picks: 10-14-11 to 10-16-11 10/12/11

Mid-way through the month here are our Top Picks for the third weekend in October....more

Halloween Costume Trends 2011 10/12/11

Zombie, vampire, and princess costumes top consumers’ Halloween favorites....more

2011 Half Moon Bay World Championship Pumpkin Weigh-Off 10/10/11

It was the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat on this cool and drizzly day in Half Moon Bay....more

Bay Area Top Picks: 10-07-011 to 10-09-11 10/12/11

It's wet out there but that doesn't mean there isn't a lot of Fall fun to be had. Here's our Top Picks for the second weekend of October....more

Safe and Sober Free Cab Rides 10/03/11

Revelers in Alameda, Oakland, Berkeley, San Francisco, and Sacramento will be offered a potentially life saving treat this Halloween....more

Bay Area Top Picks 09/27/11

Fall is finally upon us! Here are our Top Picks for fun the first weekend in October....more

First Day of Fall 09/22/11

Yeah, it's finally here, the first day of Fall....more

Haunted Bayís HalloweenCostumes.com Contest 09/12/11

Enter to win a free costume in Haunted Bay’s HalloweenCostumes.com Contest....more

Be a Haunter This Halloween 09/04/11

Opportunities abound for would-be haunters this Halloween at Bay Area Haunted Houses....more

Bay Area Celebrates Oktoberfest 09/02/11

German tradition comes to the Bay Area via Oktoberfest celebrations....more

Winchester Mystery House Fright Nights 04/13/11

New for 2011! Fright Nights come to the Winchester Mystery House....more

Spooky Bay Area Tours 11/03/10

Halloween comes and goes, but spooky tours continue in the Bay Area....more

November Dia de los Muertos Festivities 11/02/10

Halloween is over, but November Offers Up Dia de los Muertos Festivities....more

Bay Area Top Picks 10-29-2010 to 10-31-2010 10/27/10

Here are our event Top Picks to get you started planning your Halloween weekend extravaganza.....more

Haunting Halloween Concerts 10/25/10

Haunting Halloween concerts fill the air with the spooky sounds of the season....more

Bay Area Top Picks 10-23-2010 to 10-24-2010 10/22/10

Only two weekends left to get in all the Halloween fun you can stand! Here are our Top Picks for the fourth weekend in October....more

Safe and Sober Free Cab Rides 10/17/10

Revelers in Alameda, Oakland, Berkeley, San Francisco, and Sacramento will be offered a potentially life saving treat this Halloween....more

Bay Area Top Picks 10-16-10 to 10-17-10 10/15/10

It may feel like summer, but it's the middle of fall. Here are our Top Picks for activities this third weekend in October....more

Take a Bite Out of Halloween Treats 10/12/10

Donate your excess Halloween candy and help local charities while providing a sweet treat for our troops.....more

2010 Half Moon Bay World Championship Pumpkin Weigh-Off 10/11/10

For the first time since 1999 a California grown pumpkin wins the contest.....more

Halloween Tunes for Kids 10/11/10

Look to The Chills for some Halloween music for your kids.....more

Bay Area Top Picks 10-09-10 to 10-10-10 10/08/10

We break it down for you - Top Picks this weekend....more

Bay Area Top Picks 10-02-10 to 10-03-10 10/01/10

The first weekend of October is here and if you're feeling a little overwhelmed by the calendar here are some of our Top Picks of great things to do this weekend....more

Picture Perfect Halloween Photo Contest 9/30/10

Enter to show off your Halloween photos and get a chance to win great prizes!....more

Remembering Bay Area Yard Haunts 9/13/10

A handful of photos of the displays created by the people who make Halloween special.....more

Pirates of Emerson in Pleasanton 9/06/10

Pirates of Emerson is setting up its new home!.....more

Zombieland Zombie Walk 9/28/09

Zombieland Zombie Walk and Free Screening is coming to San Francisco. Cool!.....more

Honoring Edgar Allan Poe 9/28/09

2009 marks the 200th anniversary of the birth of Edgar Allan Poe and next week, on October 7th, is the 160th anniversary of his death.....more

Bay Area Top Picks 10-31-08 10/28/08

It's Halloween! Here are our Top Picks for Oct. 31st fun!.....more

Bay Area Top Picks 10-24-08 to 10-26-08 10/21/08

It's the last full weekend in October and we've gathered our Top Picks of Halloween events and activities for you!.....more

Safe and Sober Free Cab Rides 10/20/08

Revelers in Alameda, Oakland, Berkeley, and San Francisco will be offered a potentially life saving treat this Halloween........more

Bay Area Top Picks: 10-17-08 to 10-19-08 10/15/08

October is half over! Have you found something Halloween-y to do? Here are our Top Picks for the weekend of Friday, October 17 through Sunday, October 19, 2008........more

Half Moon Bay World Championship Pumpkin Weight-Off 10/13/08

Thad Starr wins again at the Half Moon Bay World Championship Pumpkin Weigh-Off with a 1,528 lb giant pumpkin........more

Half Moon Bay Preview 10/11/08

Mark your calendars, it's time again for the Half Moon Bay World Championship Pumpkin Weigh-Off and the Half Moon Bay Art & Pumpkin Festival.......more

Lighting Your Jack-o'-Lantern 10/08/08

Most of us will instinctively reach for candles this Halloween season when it comes time to light our jack-o'-lanterns, but there are many options available these days.......more

Bay Area Top Picks: 10-10-08 to 10-12-08 10/08/08

The Bay Area is filled with fun Halloween and Fall season activities, so here are our top picks for the weekend of Friday, October 10 through Sunday, October 12, 2008.......more

Attention Aspiring Horror Filmmakers 09/20/08

Are you an aspiring horror filmmaker? Think you're the next Hitchcock, Romero, or Savini or just want to show off the blackest depths of your creativity? Then these three upcoming horror film festivals are just what you're looking for.......more

Upscaling Halloween 09/18/08

Halloween spending is up despite the economy going down. If you have a little extra cash there are many upscale retailers who want to help you make your Halloween extra special.......more

Halloween Haunt at Great America Preview 09/18/08

Great America gets into the Halloween spirit with the Bay Area's newest haunted attraction, Halloween Haunt.....more

Fun Fall Family Activities in East Bay Parks 09/15/08

Parks in the East Bay offer lots of fun harvest and Halloween events. From crafts to twilight hikes to Halloween campfires, there's something for everyone!.......more

Great America Seeking Haunters 07/15/08

Be a haunter this year...visit Great America's Job Fair.......more

Online Pumpkin Carving Patterns 10/29/07

A selection of sites offering free pumpkin carving patterns.......more

Bay Area Top Picks: 10-26-07 to 10-28-07 and Halloween 10/25/07

Boooooo, it's the last weekend in October. Here are our Top Picks for this weekend and on Halloween.......more

Bay Area Top Picks: 10-19-07 to 10-21-07 10/17/07

There are only two more weekends in October so you better have your Halloween and Fall fun while you can! Here are our Top Picks.......more

Bay Area Top Picks: 10-13-07 to 10-14-07 10/12/07

The second weekend in October brings plenty of fun activities to the Bay Area. Here are our Top Picks.......more

2007 Half Moon Bay Great Pumpkin Weigh-Off 10/08/07

Pumpkin growers brought out their big guns at the Half Moon Bay Great Pumpkin Weigh-Off, setting a 1,524 pound record!.......more

Bay Area Top Picks: 10-05-07 to 10-07-07 10/03/07

It's the first weekend of October and the Fall festival season is in high-gear. Here are our Top Picks for festivals and other events this weekend.......more

Half Moon Bay Preview 10/01/07

Mark your calendars, it's time again for the Half Moon Bay Great Pumpkin Weigh-Off and the Half Moon Bay Art & Pumpkin Festival.......more

Autumn is Here 09/20/07

In a few short days Fall officially arrives......more

The Pumpkin Gutter 09/17/07

In a world full of gimmicky products that don't work, here's a product that looks like a gimmick but isn't......more

Fall Television, DVDs, and Movie Preview 09/09/07

Looking for a little entertainment? We've got a preview of TV shows, movies, and DVDs to fill your Fall days and nights.....more

Two Bays, One Pirate 09/01/07

Lovers of the haunted houses of Halloween have long known that the epicenter of chills and thrills in the Bay Area has been Fremont's Pirates of Emerson. But for 2007, owner Karl Fields has a special surprise......more

Free Costumes from PreschoolRock.com 08/30/07

Looking for another alternative to the routine of hunting for costumes for you or your children on craigslist? If so, you may be interested to know that free Halloween Costumes are available on PreschoolRock.com.......more

Bay Area Top Picks: 10-27-06 to 10-29-06 and Halloween 10/26/06

It's Halloween weekend and we've combed our massive calendar to give you our top picks for families and adults......more

Bay Area Top Picks: 10-20-06 to 10-22-06 10/19/06

The October 20-22 weekend means it's time for our Top Picks for fun festivals, pumpkin patches, haunted houses, and a Day of the Dead event!......more

Bay Area Top Picks: 10-13-06 to 10-15-06 10/12/06

It's the Friday the 13th weekend. Time to enjoy the spooky offerings that are found throughout the Bay Area! Here are our top picks for fun and scares this weekend......more

2006 Half Moon Bay Great Pumpkin Weigh-Off 10/09/06

Third time still a charm for Joel Holland and his gargantuan gourds at the 2006 Half Moon Bay Great Pumpkin Weigh-Off!......more

Bay Area Top Picks: 10-6-06 to 10-8-06 10/05/06

It's the first weekend in October and you know you're ready for some Fall fun!  Here are Haunted Bay's top picks for Festivals and other fun this weekend!......more

Fall TV, DVD, and Movie Preview 10/01/06

Scary movies abound on TV, DVDs, and a new crop of movies hitting the theaters this fall......more

Autumn is Here 09/22/06

It's that time of the year again. The days are getting shorting it's time for the harvest season......more

Craft Coffins 09/05/06

Every now and then someone has an idea that just makes you want to slap your head and say, "Why didn't I think of THAT!"......more

Zombies to Attack! 08/16/06

Zombies to Attack! Top scientists and psychics alike agree that a mass zombie attack imminent on the streets of San Francisco!......more

Bay Area Top Picks: 10-28-05
to 10-31-05

The big Halloween weekend has arrived and there are over 1,000 events in the calendar right now. Over 200 taking place on Halloween alone. We've highlighted a few fun things to do this weekend in our......more

10 Spooky Movies for the Whole Family 10/23/05

10 scary movies light on gore and high in comedy that your whole family will enjoy.....more

Bay Area Top Picks: 10-21-05
to 10-23-05

It's the last weekend before the weekend! Time to have some pre-Halloween fun!.....more

Bay Area Top Picks: 10-15-05
to 10-16-05

This weekend belongs to Festivals and Oktoberfests! So grab the family and head on out!.....more

2005 Half Moon Bay Great Pumpkin Weigh-Off 10/10/05

Deja Vu struck at the 2005 Half Moon Bay Great Pumpkin Weigh-Off as Joel Holland won for the second year in a row and with a pumpkin with the exact same weight as last year.....more

Bay Area Top Picks: 10-8-05 to 10-9-05 10/06/05

If you have not done anything Halloween-y/Harvest-y yet this month, it's time to get a move on!  Here are our Top Picks for activities happening the second weekend in October!.....more

Bay Area Top Picks: 10-1-05 to 10-2-05 09/30/05

It's the first weekend in October!  You may not have been thinking about Halloween, but we have!  Here are our picks for Halloween and Fall season activities!.....more

Goblin's Closet 09/19/05

Just in time for Halloween Goblin's Closet opens with treats for the Halloween, fantasy, and horror enthusiasts.....more

Harvest Moon 2005 09/16/05

The most recognizable sign of the fall season, the Harvest Moon, will be making its annual appearance this weekend as it rises over the Bay Area.....more

Terror in the Night 09/15/05

The coming fall brings longer nights and for some a great deal of fear. Is it from Old Hags and demons or sleep paralysis and night terrors.....more

Fall 2005 TV and Movie Preview 09/05/05

With all your fall season activities, donít forget the television shows and movies that will be vying for your time and attention!.....more

Boo to Extending Daylight Savings Time 09/05/05

A big Haunted Bay boooooo to the extension of Daylight Savings Time.  What's next, changing the date of Halloween?.....more

Logitech Video Effects Halloween Contest 08/27/05

Kids, show off your art skills in Logitech's new contest just in time for Halloween.....more

Murder on the Menu 12/29/04

Join Cetrella's in Half Moon Bay for dinner and murder on Jan. 11!  In this interactive dining experience, you'll learn more about your dinner companions than they may want you to know!.....more

Bay Area Top Picks 10/29/04

Halloween Weekend is upon us!  Here are our Top Picks for events this weekend for kids, families, and those 21 and over!.....more

Fangoria Blood Drive II 10/28/04

Aspiring horror movie directors get your video cameras out it's time again for the Fangoria Blood Drive.....more

Spookycon 2004 10/28/04

San Francisco's only horror convention returns this Halloween weekend with celebrity speakers, costume ball, and.....more

Bay Area Top Picks 10/21/04

It's almost Halloween weekend but there is still plenty of time to celebrate.  Here are our top picks for activities the fourth weekend in October.....more

Anonymous Pumpkin Manifestations 10/19/04

Halloween is fast approaching and some people have yet to get into the proper Halloween spirit. Perhaps what they really need is.....more

BART to make Halloween Travel Easier 10/18/04

BART announced two additional trains and a special Halloween Flash Pass.....more

Become Part of Disney's Haunted Mansion 10/14/04

For the first time ever, Disneyland will allow one lucky person the opportunity to become a permanent part of Disneyland's Haunted Mansion!.....more

2004 Half Moon Bay Great Pumpkin Weigh-Off 10/11/04

Joel Holland wins the Half Moon Bay Great Pumpkin Weigh-Off and sets a new Half Moon Bay record with a enormous 1,229 lb pumpkin!....more

Bodie, California's Ghost Town 06/25/04

The summer travel season is at hand and Haunted Bay hit the road to take a look at Bodie, California's Ghost Town....more

Bay Area Top Picks 10/14/04

Haunted Bay's calendar is bursting with fun things to do this third weekend in October.  Here are our top weekend activities..... more

Bay Area Top Picks 10/07/04

It's the second weekend in October, do you know where you're going?  Here are our top weekend activities..... more

Fear: Un-Scripted Theater Company 10/06/04

As a special treat to Haunted Bay readers, the Company is offering $5 tickets to their preview show on Wed., Oct. 13th at 7:30 pm. Everyone who attends also receives a coupon for another show in the run for just $5..... more

Bay Area Top Picks 09/30/04

The first weekend of October kicks the Halloween season into high gear. Get Haunted Bay's Top Picks for things to do this weekend..... more

Harvest Moon 2004 09/27/04

Fall is officially here and that means it's time to see the Harvest Moon rising gracefully above the Bay Area. But what is the Harvest Moon?.... more

Spookycon 2004 Preview 05/22/04

The preliminary details for Spookycon 2004 have just been announced. Spookycon will be held.... more

Halloween in the Castro 2003 Preview 10/15/03

Big changes are in for the event as the city takes control... more

2003 Half Moon Bay Great Pumpkin Weigh-Off 10/13/03

Steve Daletas takes top prize with a 1,180 lb monster pumpkin and sets a new Half Moon Bay record... more

Gothic Rose Antiques 09/17/03

Looking for something truly authentic for your haunt or home? Something that will be the envy of your friends.... more

Happy Birthday Hauntmistress 07/21/03

Haunted Bay says Happy Birthday to the Hauntmistress! On July 26th.... more

Halloween in the Castro 2002 11/01/02

Over 300,000 people show up in the Castro for Halloween.... more

USS Hornet - Alameda's Haunted
Aircraft Carrier

Often called the most haunted ship in history, the USS Hornet rests.... more

2002 Half Moon Bay
Great Pumpkin Weigh-Off

1,173 lbs.!! Kirk Mombert sets a new Half Moon Bay and West Coast USA record!.. more

Halloween Photo Humor 10/10/02

Every so often we receive a humorous photo here at Haunted Bay. We thought it would be fun to pass some of them along..... more

Fright Fest 2002 Sneak Peek 10/06/02

Local photographer Jim Welker of Vacaville has been busy creating a portfolio for Marine World's Fright Fest Head Makeup..... more

Hungry Ghost Festival 08/23/02

The gates of hell have been thrown open letting loose the hungry ghosts.... more

First Fall Colors Spotted 08/22/02

We're in the home stretch of August and with just 71 days left till Halloween 2002 the first fall colors have been spotted in... more

Fall 2002 TV Schedule 07/19/02

Where as last fall we were treated to many dark series including CBS's Wolf Lake, Fox's X-Files and... more

The Whittier Mansion 05/31/02

Perched on the side of a hill in the exclusive Pacific Heights district of San Francisco stands the historic Whittier Mansion... more

The Marina: Ties to the Past 05/24/02

As many of you already know the Marina district of San Francisco wasn't always as it appears today. 100 years ago ... more

Bodie, California's Ghost Town 05/09/02

California lawmakers will soon be voting on AB 1757, introduced by Assemblyman Tim Leslie, R-Tahoe City. The bill would ... more

The Rengstorff House 04/24/02

Mountain View's oldest home, built in 1887 by Henry Rengstorff, The Rengstorff House stood on 164 acres ... more

The Montandon House 02/06/02

Located on the crookedest street in the world is a house with a eerie and dark past. In the mid 1960's ... more

The San Francisco Art Institute 02/06/02

Built in 1926 on the North slope of Russian Hill the San Francisco Art Institute rests upon grounds which once held the earthly remains of ... more

Psycho in Santa Cruz 01/20/02

There is no doubt that Psycho was a seriously scary movie but did you know director Alfred Hitchcock based the Bates Mansion and Motel on locals right in our own backyard? more

The Brookdale Lodge 01/18/02

Haunted Bay continues it's look at haunted spots around The Bay with The Brookdale Lodge. more

The Golden Gate 01/01/02

Haunted Bay continues it's look at haunted spots around The Bay with The Golden Gate. more

The Mystery Spot 01/15/02

Although the Mystery Spot can't really be called one of the Bay Area's haunted places it is a place that seems to defy the laws of nature. more

The Atherton Mansion 12/15/01

The story of the Atherton Mansion begins with Faxon D. Atherton. A native of Massachusetts, the young Atherton traveled to... more

Osama sells big for Halloween 11/15/01

In perhaps one of the more perverse Halloween traditions costumes and masks of Osama bin Laden were big sellers around the world this Halloween. Read the article from Ananova here.

Halloween in the Castro 2001 10/31/01

Selected pictures from the biggest and best darn Halloween Celebration in San Francisco 

Fright Fest 10/20/01

Fright Fest spends more on advertising than on the haunts themselves is it worth your dollar?..... more

The Pirates of Emerson 10/15/01

The Pirates of Emerson started out as a backyard attraction and quickly grew to its current incarnation, covering almost three acres. It takes a crew of about 75..... more

Half Moon Bay Pumpkin Festival 10/08/01

A new Half Moon Bay and West Coast USA Record - 1,016 pounds! Steve Daletas of Pleasant Hill, Oregon, took top honors today at the 2001 Half Moon Bay Great Pumpkin Weigh-Off with a whopping.... more

Half Moon Bay Pumpkin Festival 09/20/01

Mark your calendars it's time again for the Half Moon Bay Great Pumpkin... more

Moss Beach Distillery 08/20/01

The Moss Beach Distillery in Moss Beach California is well known on the San Mateo coast, not only for it's great food and views but for it's ghosts. Over the years... more

Bigfoot Days in Willow Creek 08/15/01

Willow Creek is the Self Proclaimed Gateway to Bigfoot Country. Every Labor Day weekend Willow Creek plays... more

Whitley Strieber Book Signing 08/10/01

Whitley Strieber will be read from and signing his newest book The Last Vampire... more

Fall 2001 TV Schedule looking Good! 07/19/01

A lot of dark and dark comedy series on slate for the fall season... more

Haunters Helping Haunters 06/02/01

A new organization has sprung up to support haunters who have had their life work destroyed... more

840 Powell Street 05/20/01

The ghost of a prominent Californian and survivor of the Titanic disaster haunts a Nob Hill basement... more

Special Unit 2 04/12/01

It's been a long time since we've had something interesting on TV. There was the first season of... more

Webshots 04/20/01

With Webshots you can automatically change your wallpaper every time you start your computer. This can be easily customized... more

A Prairie Home Companion 10/31/00

As much as Halloween is a time for laughter, fun, and spookiness it is a time to reflect upon years gone by. Halloween harkens back... more


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