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In this section you can download various media for use on your own computer or in your web projects. Please do not link directly to the files at Haunted Bay. These files will have their names changed periodically which will result in broken links on your pages. Download them to your own computer or web server. To play a file click on the title. To save a file right click on the title and choose the "Save Target As..." or "Save Link As..." option. 

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Tain't no Sin to Take Off Your Skin (and Dance Around in your Bones) (497 KB)

A classic 1920's dance song from Ben Selvin and his Orchestra. Thanks to Rick in Cupertino for supplying this file.


Haunted Bay is always looking for new creative work for our readers. If you have created a project or are particularly knowledgeable on a particular subject relating to Halloween or the harvest season and would like to be showcased on Haunted Bay please CONTACT US. We will of course give you full credit for your submission and you'll win the admiration and respect of your friends, family, and the residents of the Bay Area!


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