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Man Shoots off Brain Tumor

A new urban legend / hoax is spreading throughout the internet and has claimed it's fair share of media fools. This one involves a little self surgery of the ballistic kind. One of the original versions of the story is below.


Last Chance, TX(DE)- Amazingly the act to end one’s life ultimately saved it.

"Steve Huey" was suffering from an inoperable and fatal brain tumor. Doctors had given him only two months to live, so Huey decided to end it sooner rather than face the pain. He wrote a suicide note and then placed the gun to his head and shot.

Later, friends found him on the floor in a pool of blood. They called the ambulance and within hours, Huey was up and walking around. "His sense of humor was amazing, but even more amazing is his luck," remarked his doctor.

The chances of him shooting out his brain tumor are 254 million to one. The bullet missed all of the vital parts of the brain and only shot out the tumor. Friends and family have urged Huey to put his luck to good use and buy lots of lottery tickets.

"I tell him everyday ‘go buy a lottery ticket’ and ‘go bet on a horse’, but he just won’t do it. Sometimes he can be so stubborn," said a close friend.

Doctors are cautioning to other terminal patients not to try what Huey did. They say there is no way that they help themselves, they will harm themselves severely.

Huey is currently writing a book and is planning a national book signing tour. Also in the works, a movie and a sitcom based on his story. "I am a very lucky guy and I plan to turn this miracle into some serious cash for myself," said Huey in an exclusive interview.
An auction is also in the works that will sell the gun, the hospital bill, and the tumor itself. "Any collector will love to own this tumor and should be willing to spend lots of money for it," added Huey.


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