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Murder in the Dorm

Once there were two girls who shared a college dorm together. Their names were Meg and Terrie. The girls were out at a fraternity party one night. Terrie was being hit on by many young men while Meg stayed mostly to herself. Before long Terrie informed Meg that she was tired and was heading back to the dorm to sleep. Meg watched Terrie leave and started talking to some of the other party guests. Around midnight she was getting tired of the party and decided to head back to the dorm. Returning to her dorm room she walked in without turning on the light so as to not wake her sleeping roommate. From her roommates bed she heard muffled sounds and the sheets rustling. 

She became very annoyed. Surely her roommate hadn't left the party early because she was tired but because she met some guy and wanted to be alone with him. She grabbed her backpack which held a small overnight bag and walked out. She had learned to be prepared living with Terrie. Terrie was always meeting new guys and bringing them back to her room. Once again she'd have to stay at a girlfriend's apartment.

The next morning, Meg went back to the dorm. There were police officers outside.

" Officer, what's the problem?" she asked.

" There has been a murder." he replied.

" Oh my god. Who? I live here, who was it?"

"I don't know, It's on the third floor." said the officer.

"That's my floor, I have to go up!" she pleaded.

"No, we can't let anyone up." he said.

"Please" she begged.

The officer wouldn't let Meg upstairs but when he became distracted by another student trying to gain access to the building Meg rushed past him. When she ran in her room she saw her roommate covered with a white sheet. On the mirror in big, red letters were the words:



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