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Reader's Last Writes Vol I


Rebecca Irving

Driving home, late one night, I thought I saw a witch take flight.
My heart beat fast, I broke a sweat, wondering what would happen next.
Then a Ghoul ran past my car. On his face a deep, red scar.
A Ghost appeared next to my seat, his wails grew louder, his pain was deep.
I hurried home, my tires squealing, my eyes were teary, my head was reeling.
It was only then I realized my fright, I was on the road Halloween Night.


Rebecca Irving

Now you lay you down to sleep
Keep eyes closed, no time to peek.
Visitors may come to call 
They'll climb down chimineys, and seep thru walls 
They need a soul, pure at heart 
To keep them going, a fresh new start 
So lock the doors, keep them closed real tight 
As visitors call, this Halloween Night


Rebecca Irving

Ghosts, Goblins, Spooks and Ghouls
On this night, make the rules 
Running thru the streets of town 
Screaming loudly, their ghoulish sounds 
Beware all those who roam the night 
You'll find yourself "DEAD" with fright 



I sought a walnut tree,
In hopes my true love's face
I might see.
Three times I called,
Three times I walked apace,
Then in the tree
I saw my true love's face.


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