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The TOMES are the home of the Scribe. The Scribe sits quietly in his dusty chambers pouring over the works of great masters; searching for the stories and poems that darken the night. The tales that conjure images to raise the hairs on the back of your neck. Tales of the macabre, the mysterious, the supernatural.


Classic Stories

Classic tales of terror, mystery, and the supernatural from the great masters

Dark Poetry

Macabre poems to ponder under a harvest moon

Reader's Last Writes

Works of merit from the readers of Haunted Bay

Urban Legends

True stories! They happened to a friend of a friend of mine!


Haunted Bay is always looking for new creative work for our readers. If you have created a work of fiction or a poem you would like to be showcased on Haunted Bay please CONTACT US. We will of course give you full credit for your submission and you'll win the admiration and respect of your friends, family, and the residents of the Bay Area!


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