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Haunted Bay's Guide to the Selection and Storage of Pumpkins

Nothing creates more fond fall memories like picking pumpkins at your local farm for use as Halloween Jack-o-Lanterns or in your favorite harvest season recipes. September - October is the season for pumpkins here in the Bay Area with dozens of locally grown varieties flooding the market.

A few of the most popular are Baby Bear, New England Pie, Connecticut Field, Sugar, Tom Fox, Cinderella, and Jack Be Little. Selecting the right pumpkin can also turn out to be the most frustrating thing you do this year if after all your hard work your Jack-o-Lantern rots prematurely or your pumpkin recipes aren't quite as tasty as your mother's.

Haunted Bay's guide to the selection and storage of pumpkins will help you get the most out of your pumpkin dollar by helping you select the proper pumpkin for your needs and optimum storage requirements for the greatest possible longevity and enjoyment.

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