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The LAB is the home of the Mad Scientist, the Do-It-Yourselfer, the person with artistic flair, a green thumb, or who is just plain good with tools. Here you can read articles and get plans for Halloween and harvest season crafts and effects.


Tombstone Epitaphs

Haunted Bay's Guide to Selection and Storage of Pumpkins

Fogging your Haunt with Dry Ice

Multi-channel Sound for your Home Haunt




 Haunted Bay is always looking for new creative work for our readers. If you have created a project or are particularly knowledgeable on a particular subject relating to Halloween or the harvest season and would like to be showcased on Haunted Bay please CONTACT US. We will of course give you full credit for your submission and you'll win the admiration and respect of your friends, family, and the residents of the Bay Area!


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