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Roaring Camp Railroads Ghost Train

5355 Graham Hill Rd., Felton

Reviewed 10/24/08 by Hauntmistress

I've taken rides on the steam trains at Roaring Camp Railroads before and always had a good time. So what better to add to the experience than a Halloween theme!

To prepare you for your journey, you enter the grounds through Felton's famous covered bridge, which has been decorated with a pumpkin headed scarecrow in the middle of a winding hay bale path. Lampposts lining your path have been covered by smiling and scowling jack-o-lanterns, giving you just enough light to see your way to the train depot.

While waiting for your train's scheduled departure, Roaring Camp has created several distractions to keep you occupied. There is a small cemetery and a little haunted house that are both very kid-friendly. There’s also a general store with old-fashioned candy and other treats. Between the haunted house and the general store they set up a small theater and were playing Disney's The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad.

When you board the train, you sit on benches around the perimeter of an open car (there are about five cars and only one of the cars is covered) and take a ride through the beautiful redwood forest surrounding the Roaring Camp grounds.

While you ride through the forest, a lightly reworked story of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow is read to you through the speakers that are in each train car. The train slows or stops periodically next to staged vignettes, such as Ichabod Crane at a dance, Ichabod running through the forest, and Ichabod running from the headless horseman. The period costumes were well done and the actors were really into their roles. The headless horseman (on an actual horse) was a sight to see riding through the forest. Two slight nit-picks - at times it is hard to hear the story over the noise of the train, and at times the vignettes don’t match to the story being told.

More than the story of Sleepy Hollow, I enjoyed the feel of the night air on my face and the beauty of the dark forest with the bright stars peeking through the trees. I think I just enjoy open-air train rides!

All in all, if you like train rides, this is a good event to bring the family to – not really scary, more comedic, but still entertaining and something different to do for the Halloween season.  It can get chilly, so bring a jacket!

When Oct. 24-25, 2008
Where Roaring Camp Railroads Ghost Train, 5355 Graham Hill Rd., Felton
Admission $27 (Reservations required)
Contact www.roaringcamp.com

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