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Pumpkin Grove

3399 Petaluma Hill Rd., Santa Rosa

Reviewed by Hauntmistress, 10/13/2007

Pumpkin Grove Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkin Grove Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkin Grove Pumpkin Patch

Fred, the stud of the pig pen at Pumpkin Grove Pumpkin Patch

Piglets born in August at Pumpkin Grove Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkin Grove Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkin Grove Pumpkin Patch

If you like animals, you'll love Pumpkin Grove!  At this family farm the pumpkins almost play second fiddle to the cute, friendly, loveable animals.

Pumpkin Grove may not be as flashy or have as many pumpkins as some of the larger patches along the freeway but it does offer a large field of pumpkins where you can picnic before choosing your favorite pumpkin right from where it was grown (literally, as many pumpkins are still on the vine) in a very relaxing farm environment.

In addition to the pumpkins in the field, Pumpkin Grove offers bins of ready cut pumpkins, squash, and gourds including Poke-e-Mon mini pumpkins (white with orange stripes) for $1.50, Apple Gourds for $1-$3, Turks Turbans for $1-$6, and Speckled Swan for $1.50-$3.

But let's get to my favorite part of Pumpkin Grove, the animals. Adjacent to the pumpkin field you'll find a sweet and loveable donkey that likes to be petted, a miniature pony, supremely inquisitive goats, and adorable pigs.  Inside the barn, a veritable pig palace, there are more award winning pigs and lots of little piglets that were born in August. These piglets will soon be going to Sonoma Valley High School as part of the school AG program.

I could have spent hours watching these piglets frolic and play. We arrived just in time to watch the farmer give all the pigs a late afternoon treat, fresh pumpkins. It was quite impressive to see how they could chomp them down in a couple of bites.

Making his home in the barn is 6 year-old Fred. The biggest pig (Duroc Boar, to be precise) I have ever seen. At last weigh-in, he tipped the scale at 700 pounds. He doesn't take too kindly to being weighed anymore, and really, who can blame him. But proving bigger is better, Fred has sired over 500 piglets!

While other pumpkin patches have a larger number of varieties of pumpkins to choose from and more activities, Pumpkin Grove offers hours of fun watching and petting their wonderful animals. If you're in the market for pumpkins and pigs, Pumpkin Grove can be your one stop shop!

Pumpkin Grove Pumpkin Patch  Pumpkin Grove Pumpkin Patch  Pumpkin Grove Pumpkin Patch

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When Oct. 1-31, 2007, 10 am-6 pm
Where 3399 Petaluma Hill Rd., Santa Rosa
Admission Free

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