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Pumpkin Depot

Highway 1, Half Moon Bay

Reviewed by: Hauntmistress 10/11/2002

Pumpkin Depot

Pumpkin Depot

Pumpkin Depot

This family pumpkin patch is easily accessible on Highway 1 in Half Moon Bay.  They feature a ton of pumpkins, from very large to very small, so you can choose your favorites.  You can also pick out regular gourds and swan gourds, as well as corn and other vegetables.

Pumpkin Depot has a giant 511 pound pumpkin set up in the middle of the patch that makes the perfect setting for a picture.

The patch also features two of the cutest baby piggies I have ever seen.  I stood for quite a long time watching one determined little guy stick himself completely into a pumpkin to eat.  All you could see of his body was his little piggie tail waving back and forth at a mad speed!

Pumpkin Depot Pumpkin Depot Pumpkin Depot Pumpkin Depot

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When October 1-31, 2002, 9 a.m.- dark
Where North of Half Moon Bay on Highway 1
Admission Free
Contact 650-726-1561

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