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Petaluma Haunted Cornfield

425 Rainsville Rd., Petaluma

Reviewed 10/10/09

It's a bumpy ride to get to the Petaluma Haunted Cornfield!  Diving your car through the field to get to the haunt is part of the fun of visiting this Petaluma attraction.

Once you are there, you will take a 12-15 minute walk through a cornfield that once belonged to Great-Great Grandma Alma. Be warned, you may see ghosts of her deceased husbands or the angry spirits of laborers who once toiled the fields!

It was a chilly night when we visited and entered the cornfield. The rustling of the cornstalks in the night breeze kept us on our toes, as it disguised the sounds of spirits wondering through the field. We were constantly wondering if something or someone was going to pop out.

The field is very dark and spooky, with old-fashioned lanterns every now and again to gently light the path. When we first entered the field we saw a wonderfully ethereal woman at the end of the path.  That quick ghostly appearance was the last we saw of her, but we could hear her wails now and again as we made our way through the field.

The actors are very good and well costumed. One ghostly woman begged us to help her find her husband, Jim.  I hope he’s hiding, because she wailed in her next breath that she would, “love to murder Jim.”

There were scares aplenty spaced out evenly in the field. There were also a few good scenes that materialize in the field, including a creepy hunting cabin, bloody doghouse, scary beehive, bizarre accident/murder scene, and more, all designed to entertain and keep you moving forward down the path.

I won’t give away my absolute favorite part, but let’s just say I now have an idea of what it would feel like if I stepped in quicksand. 

Similar to what we’ve said about other North Bay attractions this Halloween season, the cost is a little high ($15) for 12 minutes of fun.  Maybe if it were cheaper kids would go through it more than once.  However, it is a quaint tour though a spooky cornfield (it is not a maze) and we had a good time.  It’s always enjoyable to us to walk through a cornfield at night in the Fall. Just beware of the chainsaw wielding maniac.

Before you leave you may want to relax a little while by sitting on the hay bales and enjoying a hot dog, popcorn, or other goodies that are for sale. Also check out the mini pumpkin patch and take one home to carve!

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When Oct. 9-11, 15-18, 22-25, 28-Nov. 1, 2009, 7 pm-10 pm
Where 425 Rainsville Rd., Petaluma
Admission $15
Contact www.petalumahauntedcornfield.com

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