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Pastorino's Farm

Following our trip to Lemos we headed across the highway to Pastorino's Farm. A Half Moon Bay icon, the Pastorino's have been growing pumpkins here since the 1930's.

When we arrived, the Pastorino's were in the process of bringing their pumpkins in from the field and creating the intricate paths for you to follow in search of the perfect cucurbita. They assure us that they will be ready to go before October and will continue to bring more pumpkins in throughout the season. Judging by how many were out already, nobody need fear a pumpkin shortage. There will be plenty for everyone!

But pumpkins aren't the only thing you'll find at Pastorino's, nope, they have a whole slew of fun attractions, activities, and shopping to seduce you into stopping by. In addition to pumpkins and gourds, they will be setting up a pony ride, a petting zoo, and a fun house/haunted house. One of the main reasons we like to stop by Pastorino's is to shop in their barn full of unique Halloween arts and crafts. The good folks at Pastorino's spend the off season scouring trade shows and boutiques looking for high quality Halloween items. Their hard work shows! You'll find all sorts of items available here and nowhere else in the Bay Area. A word of caution though, we were warned that come Half Moon Bay Art and Pumpkin Festival weekend throngs of shoppers nearly pick the place clean! Come early for the best selection and to be the first in your neighborhood to pick up these unique items.

In 1971, the first year of the Half Moon Bay Pumpkin Festival, pumpkins were sold for 25. Inflation and cost of living may have pushed those prices up a bit but you can't put a price on the fond memories you'll have from visiting Pastorino's Farm. Fore more information about Pastorino's including fall hours of operation please see our events listing or you can call them at 650-726-6440.

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Pastorino's from the front Pastorino's pumpkin patch It's going to be tough picking out the right pumpkin amongst all these winners

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