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The Monster Mash Rock 'n' Roll Party

You're planning your Halloween party and it occurs to you that you have everything you need, food, glasses, spirits (both ethereal and liquid), decorations, and ... wait, you forgot the music!

You run out to the store and what do you see? The Monster Mash Rock 'n' Roll Party CD sitting on a shelf and it's priced to sell at just $5.99. A quick trip to the register and you're out the door with your new CD.

At home, you pop it in the CD player and sit back to listen and find out what spooky audio goodies await your guests.

The CD starts out promising with some bubbling that is supposed to remind you of a mad scientist's lab but comes off a little more like a big bong hit from that trusty four footer from your college days. That's fine because it's the intro to The Monster Mash by Bobby 'Boris' Pickett. Corny but a classic. Everyone will get a laugh out of it. Fast forward a little, the last thing you want to do is get burned out on The Monster Mash so early in the season.

Next up is It's My Party by Lesley Gore. What? This can't be right. This isn't a spooky song. Where did I set that CD case?

Taking a quick glance at the back of the case reveals the song line-up as follows:





The Monster Mash

Bob 'Boris' Pickett


It's My Party

Lesley Gore


Doin' The Zombie

Chubby Checker


Witch Doctor

Sha Na Na


The Purple People Eater

Sheb Wooley


In the Midnight Hour

Martha Reeves


Haunted House

Jumpin' Gene Simmons


Dead Man's Curve

Jan n' Dean


Li'l Red Riding Hood

Sam 'The Sham' and The Pharoahs



The Classics IV Featuring Dennis Yost

Ok, The Monster Mash, Witch Doctor, The Purple People Eater are standard Halloween fare. A little corny but that's what makes them so fun for Halloween. Doin' The Zombie is an upbeat if dated tune from Chubby Checker's 1997 Halloween album and Haunted House is hokey yet Halloween related. It oddly sounds more like how everyone remembers Chubby Checkers than Chubby Checker's track.  Li'l Red Riding Hood might work, it can go either way. On the one hand it is a fairy tale and doesn't really fit in too well with Halloween but on the other, the story is based on a wolf eating a little girl, just might be ok. But It's My Party, Dead Man's Curve, and In the Midnight Hour are too much of a stretch. I Just hate it when they throw songs on a Halloween CD just because they have a spooky "sounding" title or the artist has a spooky "sounding" name.

Oh well, at least a few of the songs are reasonably spooky. You could always burn a mixed CD for the party. Or, just use this one for a very young child's party. Is it worth $5.99? Sure, the songs are mostly dated and childish but there is some workable material there if you plan to mix it up with some more current tunes.

The Monster Mash Rock 'n' Roll Party is available on CD and Cassette at your local Bay Area Walgreens drug store for $5.99 while supplies last. It's also available from Amazon if you would prefer to order online.

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Reviewed by: Hauntmaster  9/18/2003


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