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Lemos' The Scare Zone

Saturday, September 14th we headed out on our first Halloween field trip just to pick up some pumpkins and ended up visiting our first haunt of the season too!

The haunt, as you may have already guessed from the title, is The Scare Zone at the Lemos Pumpkin Patch in Half Moon Bay. This haunt is little, in fact it's a one man operation, but that shouldn't dissuade you from going because it's a bargain at $2.50 per person.

Upon purchasing tickets at the concessions stand you make your way back past the petting zoo toward a smallish shed emblazoned with "The Scare Zone" in big Twilight Zone lettering and an image of Spider Man. I didn't quite get the connection but maybe somebody can tell me in our forum what it is.

We waited briefly inside a small vestibule while our host entered through a second door to get ready for our entrance. The haunt, although quaint, did have shock value judging by the dozen times the Hauntmistress jumped back trying to escape an unexpected prop. I was really impressed that the props were almost entirely run by rope and pulley eliminating the need for complex electrical or air powered devices. The haunt is composed of a series of small, well decorated rooms with various creepy scenes.  These rooms were separated by plastic dividers painted to look like the walls so you weren't immediately sure which way to run when the scare came. The disorientation caused by the layout perfectly enhanced the shock value of the hand operated props and our mask clad host.

While mild enough for children of all ages, The Scare Zone will please most adults as well and for $2.50 is a great bargain. Be sure to come early and enjoy all the other amenities the Lemos Pumpkin Patch has to offer.

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  The Scare Zone.... enter if you dare! Lemos dares you to enter the Scare Zone


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