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Lemos Pumpkin Patch

First stop was into Lemos Pumpkin Patch's parking lot located behind the patch. Lemos has a lot of easy parking, more than most other pumpkin patches. And they need it, because they get busy. Not only because of the plethora of pumpkins but because this place is just so much darn fun!

Lemos has a petting zoo with some of the friendliest (and hungriest) goats around; two sets of pony rides with cowboy attendants assuring that no kid will want for lack of ponies; a play area complete with giant pumpkin jumper; a picnic area with tables and BBQ facility; treats, drinks, and snacks for when you get hungry and thirsty; a train to take you around the patch, and best of all a haunted house. More about their haunted house, the Scare Zone, can be found here.

Lemos is open year round but really shines during Halloween. It's the perfect spot for your October picnic or birthday party. You needn't worry about the details if you're not a master BBQ'er or basket packer, Lemos offers reasonable catering services and Baskin Robbins and Straw Hat deliver to Lemos.

Much like the other pumpkin patches in the area, Lemos becomes quite packed during the weekend of the Half Moon Bay Pumpkin Festival. For the best experience plan on coming early in the season.

In 1971, the first year of the Half Moon Bay Pumpkin Festival, pumpkins were sold for 25. Inflation and cost of living may have pushed those prices up a bit but you can't put a price on the fond memories you'll have from visiting Lemos Pumpkin Patch. For more information about Lemos you can view our events listing for their fall hours or call them at 650-726-2342.

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Pumpkins for sale at Lemos Pumpkin Patch Trains depart regularly to the delight of young and old Lemos Pumpkin Patch
Feed some hungry goats at Lemos' petting zoo Take a ride on one of the many beautiful ponies Kids can jump in the Giant Pumpkin
This goat kept trying to eat my lens cap leash This little goat is dreaming of you coming to Lemos Pumpkin Patch The Scare Zone.... enter if you dare!
Mom's and Dad's watch the joy on their child's face at the pony ride

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