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Jeepers Creepers 2

Jeepers Creepers 2 Movie Poster

MGM, 2003, Rated R, 1 hr. 46 min.

Those of you who have read my review of the original Jeepers Creepers may wonder why I even bothered to watch Jeepers Creepers 2. The only answer I can think of is that I must be an eternal optimist. I was rewarded, as this sequel is a little better than the original.

In Jeepers Creepers 2, the Creeper, which emerges every 23 years to eat for 23 days, then goes back into hibernation, is at the end of its feeding frenzy. We still don't know why it does this or what the Creeper actually is. Anyway, it decides to feed on a bus full of high schoolers returning from a football game. The students turn on one another as the Creeper attacks and begins to pick them off one by one.

The students are so arrogant and dull that the fun part is waiting to see when and how the ones you dislike most bite the dust. But to the rescue comes Jack Taggart (Ray Wise) whose son was killed by the Creeper. He has created a harpoon-like weapon mounted on his truck to kill the Creeper with the help of his eldest son.

The movie seems to go by pretty quickly, as the action is pretty steady and unintentionally humorous. I think they should have spent a little more money on the special effects, as certain parts looked amateurish. There are a few jump out at you moments that are good and watching the way the Creeper lures the students to their deaths is entertaining.

Jack (Wise) and son watch the Creeper
Jack (Wise) and son watch the Creeper 

The Creeper is coming...
The Creeper is coming...

Girly boys getting a tan
 Girly boys getting a tan

He's got a little something in his eye there
He's got a little something in his eye there

Losing his head over the Creeper
Losing his head over the Creeper

The DVD special features include:

  • Director commentary
  • Creeper commentary (Effects Specialists)
  • Deleted scenes and moments
  • Behind the scenes documentary, A Day in Hell
  • Four featurettes: Lights, Camera, Creeper; Creeper Creation; Digital Effects by the Orphanage; Creeper Composer
  • Storyboard
  • English, French, and Spanish subtitles

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106 Minutes







Actor / Actress


Ray Wise 

Jack Taggart 

Jonathan Breck

The Creeper

Garikayi Mutambirwa

Deaundre "Double D" Davis

Eric Nenninger

Scott Braddock

Nicki Aycox

Minxie Hayes

Travis Schiffner

Izzy Bohen 

Lena Cardwell

 Chelsea Farmer 

Billy Aaron Brown

Andy "Bucky" Buck



Victor Salva


Tom Luse


Don E. Fauntleroy


Bennett Salvay


Victor Salva



Reviewed by: Hauntmistress 6/28/2004


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