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House of Blackbeard

981 Bancroft Rd., Suite E, Concord

Reviewed 10/21/11 by Specter

There's always a sense of anticipation about visiting a new haunt. You don't know what to expect yet you hope for something really good, an undiscovered gem. Unfortunately, House of Blackbeard held no such valuable booty for us this night.

What you will find is a smallish commercial space tucked away between the Iron Horse Trail and Bancroft Road in Concord near where Bancroft ends at Hookston. A small display of pirate ship wreckage and a table selling tickets and treats are outside. After purchasing our tickets we were greeted by our pirate guide. What followed was not what we would consider a professional haunt and certainly not one that was worthy of a $13 admission.

The House of Blackbeard is a tour through the mansion of the mother of Blackbeard the pirate. A mansion haunted by Blackbeard's 13 murdered ex-wives, his mother, and the headless corpse of Blackbeard himself. An interesting premise but unfortunately the haunt was more like a tour through grandma's stuffed to the rafters Halloween garage and less like the mansion of a murderous pirate ghost. There were no actors except for our guide and the haunt was pirmarily decorated with sheets, toy dolls, a few maniquins, and small props from your local Halloween store that had a habit of not working correctly or not at all. Our pirate guide introduced us to each scene and told us a little about the artifacts in the room. This often devolved into him telling us to look at specific items - usually a decorated doll - and telling us isn't that cool. There were no scares or startles during the entire tour.

Our pirate guide was so affable and happy to be taking guests through his haunt that you could tell he was a true lover of Halloween and not just out to make a quick buck. However, this attraction could only be considered cute and fun if it was housed in a private garage and exhibited to very young trick or treaters on Halloween night for free.

At $13, the only thing scary about this haunt is the price.

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When Oct. 21-23, 27-31, 2011, 7 pm-10:30 pm
Where 981 Bancroft Rd., Suite E, Concord
Admission $13; $6 for kids 2-8 years
Contact www.houseofblackbeard.com

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