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Haunted House of Moss Beach

Westlake Park, 111 Lake Merced Blvd., Daly City

Reviewed by Hauntmistress: 10/19/2006

We have not visited the Haunted House of Moss Beach since 2002 and it looks like we've been missing out. The haunt is better than ever and loads of fun!

Located a few miles outside of Half Moon Bay in the sleepy little suburb of Moss Beach, the Haunted House of Moss Beach is a home haunt that proves you can do a lot with very little space. Located on the front and a portion of the side of a typical Moss Beach home, the haunt consists of a single dark and winding corridor full of classic style props set up in a series of separated vignettes. There are several good scares on the 3 - 4 minute tour.

The very tight maze configuration adds to the spookiness of this haunt. It is very dark and twisty and at times we had to duck a bit and turn sideways to get through (granted, the Hauntmaster is 6'2"). Combined with a few leaning walls there was a light claustrophobic feeling to the haunt, making it that much more intimate and scarier. Throw in great props, a few animatronics, some spooky sounds, and a half dozen startling scares, and you have something memorable.

The first hallway we entered had numerous creatures positioned high up on the walls looking down at us. We're used to seeing those types of things placed on the wall at eye level, but this unique placement coupled with the tightness of the hallway made is seem like the props were floating and descending upon us. We continued through hallways with hanging spider webs and plenty of props to keep us visually entertained and often scared.

One of our favorite scenes was what I call the Skeleton Parlor, a haunted Victorian style parlor with two skeletons sitting at a little round table while one of our favorite songs was playing, "This is Halloween" from The Nightmare Before Christmas soundtrack. Floating candelabras completed the spooky atmosphere. We also enjoyed the really great flying crank ghost that was an eerie blue color, skulls popping out from the wall or hanging from the ceiling, and a few jump-out scares that got us every time.

This was a very well-done haunt, even more so when you consider that it is a one man show, that uses its space and props effectively and pays attention to details. The people that went in before us came out screaming and laughing, as did we! This haunt could charge for admission it's so fun, but there is no fee - they simply say that donations of any amount are appreciated for UNICEF. We highly recommend a visit or two!

For a full night you may consider pairing a visit to the Haunted House of Moss Beach with dinner at the haunted Moss Beach Distillery located just down the coast. Even if you don't see ghosts at the distillery you will definitely see them at the Haunted House of Moss Beach.

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When Oct. 19-21, 25-28, 30-31, 2006, Wed. and Thur. 7:30 pm-9:30 pm; Fri.-Sat. 7:30 pm-11 pm; Halloween 6:30 pm-10:30 pm
Where 601 Kelmore Street, Moss Beach
Admission Free; donations of any amount appreciated for UNICEF
Contact www.hauntedhouseofmossbeach.com

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