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856 Hampswood Way, San Jose

Reviewed by Hauntmistress: 10/24/2003

Can't miss Ghoulsville, look for the long line and big pumpkin.

Ghoulsville graveyard

Ghoulsville is a home haunt with the front lawn turned into a haunted graveyard with tombstones, fog, and animatronic creatures while their garage has been transformed into the actual haunt.

This haunted house is more than appropriate for kids, as evident by the tons of little ones gawking at the haunted graveyard while waiting to get inside the haunt. It's a very low-gore haunt, but entertaining for the small children!

There is a festive atmosphere outside the haunt, and while you wait to get inside, you have plenty to look at.  The graveyard is covered in a ground hugging fog while spooky music is playing. There are several rather cute animatronic creatures to entertain the crowd. In addition, every 45 minutes, live actors put on a little show that sets up the premise of the haunt.

The one change I would like to see keeping the actors who do the graveyard show out of site until their performance to add impact when they come outside to perform. 

The haunt centers around a misguided princess who has used her magic for evil purposes and who is stopped by a good wizard. You go into the haunt in small groups and watch a video that sets up the haunt and basically mirrors the live show you get outside the haunt. Then you walk through and venture past sometimes cute and sometimes spooky props, like a moving coffin and spiders that drop from the ceiling.

Last year the more than 2,000 people visited the haunt, and judging by the line we saw this year, they are on their way to breaking that record!

The haunt is aimed at the youngest Halloween revelers and their parents and has good security to keep traffic moving and any rowdy pre-teens in check. 

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When Oct. 24, 2003: 7:30 pm 10 pm; Oct. 25, 2003: 7:30 pm 10 pm; Oct. 31, 2003: 6 pm 10 pm; Nov. 1, 2003: 6 pm 10 pm
Where 856 Hampswood Way, San Jose
Admission Free, donations appreciated
Contact www.ghoulsville.com

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