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Final Destination 2

Final Destination 2 Movie Poster

New Line Cinema, DVD, 2003, Rated R, 1 hr. 40 min.

Death is tying up loose ends in this sequel to Final Destination.

The premise of the first Final Destination: while on an airplane buckled-in and ready to take-off to Paris with his French class, a teenager has a premonition of the airplane crashing, causing him to panic and get ejected from the plane with five of his classmates and a teacher. Sure enough, the plane crashes.  Then one-by-one the seven plane crash survivors meet with horrible accidents, showing you can't cheat death!  But you need one person to cheat death so they can appear in a sequel, right?  So enter Clear Rivers (Ali Larter)!

 In Final Destination 2, on the one-year anniversary of the plane crash, Kimberly Corman (A.J. Cook) embarks on a road trip with three of her friends to Daytona Beach and has a premonition of a horrible traffic accident in which numerous people die.  In a panic, Kimberly blocks the freeway on-ramp with her car, cheating death of its marked victims.   

But soon the accident "survivors" begin meeting with horrible deaths, convincing Kimberly that what is happening to them is the same thing that happened to the survivors of the plane crash one-year ago and that it's only a matter of time before they are all dead.  

Kimberly goes in search of the only survivor from Final Destination, Clear Rivers, who has voluntarily locked herself in Stonybrook, a mental institution, and spends her days in a padded cell to avoid the grim reaper.  Throwing caution to the wind, Clear tries to help Kimberly and the other car-crash-that-wasn't "victims" find a way to keep death away from their doorsteps.  

I found this movie to be ultra fast-paced and exciting!  Since this movie has the same premise as the first Final Destination, I knew most of the characters were going to die, so it was never really a surprise when they did. But the script writers were able to generate suspense by building up to the death scenes and making the characters meet death in a way I didn't entirely expect.

There are interesting plot developments that I didn't anticipate and the death scenes are gruesome enough that I had to peek out of one eye at times - and then go back and watch in slow motion! 

See this movie for the horrific car accident scene alone.  I was scared to drive for a few days after seeing the the metal death pit.  Be sure to listen closely to hear the barely audible evil laughter in the background while the accident is occurring.

Kimberley and Officer Burke (Cook and Landes)
Kimberley and Officer Burke (Cook and Landes)

Tim and mom Nora (Kirk and Boyd)
 Tim and mom Nora (Kirk and Boyd)

Guess how Evan (Paetkau) dies!
 Guess how Evan (Paetkau) dies!

Clear (Larter) in her mental home
Clear (Larter) in her mental home

Clear (Larter) and Kat (Tracy) get a little messy
Clear (Larter) and Kat (Tracy) get a little messy

Rory (Cherry) is such a cut-up!
Rory (Cherry) is such a cut-up!

Officer Burke (Landes), Clear (Larter), and Kimberly (Cook)
Officer Burke (Landes), Clear (Larter), and Kimberly (Cook)

The DVD special features include:

  • Deleted and alternate scenes with commentary
  • Theatrical Trailers
  • Audio commentary with director David Ellis, screenwriters Eric Bress, and J. Mackye Gruber and producer Craig Perry
  • Subtitle fact track
  • The featurettes The Terror Gauge, Cheating Death: Beyond and Back, and Bits and Pieces: Bringing Death to Life
  • ROM extras such as the script-to-screen viewer, the original theatrical website, downloadable wallpapers, and the exclusive Chain Reaction interactive adventure

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New Line Cinema






200 Minutes







Actor / Actress


Ali Larter

Clear Rivers

A.J. Cook

Kimberly Corman

Michael Landes

Officer Thomas Burke

T.C. Carson

Eugene Dix

Jonathan Cherry


Keegan Connor Tracy


Sarah Carter


Lynda Boyd

Nora Carpenter

David Paetkau

Evan Lewis

James Kirk

Tim Carpenter



David R. Ellis


J. Mackye Gruber


Eric Bress


Gary Capo

Director of Photography

Shirley Walker



Reviewed by: Hauntmistress 8/10/2003


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