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Uesugi Farms'
Field of Screams: Mutant Creek Hayride

14485 Monterey Hwy., Morgan Hill

Reviewed 10/11/08

Field of Screams is located behind one of our favorite pumpkin patches, the beautiful Uesugi Farms Pumpkin Park in Morgan Hill. It's a little different than your typical haunt, combining a short walk-through haunt with a haunted hayride.

Your first stop at the Field of Screams is the Fort Mills Army Base where you'll be briefed on the history of Morgan Creek, better known by the locals as Mutant Creek. The briefing consists of a rather long but very well done video filmed in the style of a documentary news report, relaying how you are being allowed by the government to take a tour of the area formerly used as a toxic waste dump in an effort to disprove the rumors of terrifying mutations.

The tour continues through various buildings in the Fort Mills complex. The pace is quite slow but we were pleased with the obvious effort and thought they put into the story and many of the props. There were two rooms where I still don’t know if they were using props or real people. Aside from a couple minor line flubs and some difficulty getting our group to move through the haunt, the acting was very good. We thought it was an excellent idea to have the longer scenes voiced over. It should aid in giving everyone the same consistent experience.

Overall the first half of the haunt is very fun, a couple of good startles accompanied with strobe lights, blaring alarms, terrifying medical experiments gone wrong, toxic smoke, swinging body bags, and the most fun decontamination room we've been through in awhile.

The walk-through is a little short, and when it ends, at first you don’t know where you’re supposed to go or if that was the end of the haunt, which would have been a rip-off and not a hayride. However, it soon becomes apparent that you are to get in line for the hayride. We heard two different groups of people complaining that the wait between the walk-through and the hayride was too long and threw off the flow of the experience. Our wait was about 16 minutes.

Once we got on the hayride, it was enjoyable. It takes you through and around the cornfields where there are staged scenes here and there and mutants chasing the vehicle. It was a little sparse in terms of scares, but still fun and something different. Anything that changes up the corn maze experience, I’m all for. It gets a little boring walking through corn fields once you’ve done it 100 times.

We saw two different types of vehicles used for the hayride. One was a trailer where you sit on bales of hay around the perimeter. The other, ours, had benches that seat 4-5 people across. From comments we heard from other guests ours was the one to be on.

This is a group-haunt, meaning you walk through the haunt with a group (ours had about 20 people) and take the hayride with the same people. Although there’s probably no other practical way to do this except in a group fashion, we did miss the full impact of a few of the scares during the walk-through because we were outside the room the scares happened in by the time they occurred. Same for the hay ride; at times it was difficult to see what others in front of or behind you were screaming at.

All in all, this was a fun night, and coupled with roaming through Uesugi’s pumpkin patch and all the attractions it has to offer, well worth the trip.

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When Oct. 3-5, 10-12, 17-19, 24-26, 29-Nov. 1, 2008, see website below for times
Where 14485 Monterey Hwy., Morgan Hill
Admission $15-$20
Contact www.uesugifarms.com

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