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Farmer John's Pumpkin Farm

800 North Cabrillo Highway (Hwy. 1), Half Moon Bay

Reviewed: 10/11/2002

Roadside sign for Farmer John's Pumpkin Farm

Farmer John's Pumpkin Farm

Farmer John's Pumpkin Farm

Pumpkins and sunflowers at Farmer John's Pumpkin Farm

Farmer John's Pumpkin Farm

Farmer John's Pumpkin Farm

John Deere tractor at Farmer John's

One of several picnic spots set up in the rows of 9 foot tall corn.

Farmer John's Pumpkin Farm

I officially have a new favorite pumpkin patch!

Located on a beautiful stretch of land just north of Half Moon Bay, this farm has it all, beautiful flowers, vegetables, gourds, and of course, pumpkins.

Farmer John's Pumpkin Farm is wonderfully laid out with rows of pumpkins; their different varieties displayed together in a very beautiful way interspersed with almost amazingly tall rows of corn that compel you to explore.

I was amazed at the splendor of all the pumpkins and the varieties to choose from at Farmer John's. I found a new favorite variety of pumpkin - the Fairytale, which has a deeply lobed, slightly squat shape and a magnificent blending of colors.

Farmer John could quite possibly be the nicest man I've ever met.  He was very helpful and attentive, and very informative about the varieties of pumpkins we chose. He even offered a tip. Rubbing a little Wesson oil on your pumpkin will really bring out its natural shine and color. A good tip for when you set up your Halloween displays.

Farmer John introduced me to a wonderful variety I had never seen, the Lil' Pump-Ke-Mon, a mini-pumpkin with orange and green stripes on a white background. Very unique looking and great for decorating.

Farmer John's offers many great photo spots and play areas, including a Native American Ti Pi, cornrows, an old John Deere tractor, and row after row of sunflowers. There are also a few picnic tables nestled between the high corn stalks.

Also, if you want to meet the cutest dog with the biggest paws, ask Farmer John to introduce you to Clementine! Clementine is cute, affectionate, and just loves to chomp on tiny pumpkins Farmer John gives her to play with.

Farmer John's Pumpkin Patch, so sincere you might just spot Linus waiting for the Great Pumpkin.

Congratulations to Farmer John on his 2002 Farmer of the Year award! (Left, Clementine; Right, Farmer John)
Our congratulations go out to Farmer John on his 2002 Farmer of the Year award! It's well deserved.

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When Mid-September - October, 2002 Monday-Friday 9:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m., Saturday and Sunday 9:30 am - 6:00 p.m.
Where 800 North Cabrillo Highway (Hwy. 1), just North of Half Moon Bay
Admission Free
Contact http://www.farmerjohnspumpkins.com/

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