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Fairfield Haunted!

Fairfield Center for Creative Arts, 1035 W. Texas St., Fairfield

Reviewed by The Hauntmistress, 10/22/05

We have been meaning to visit this haunt for the past couple of years and just never made it out to Fairfield. We're kicking ourselves for that now because this turned out to be the pleasant surprise of the season for us!

While there was no line when we walked up, the good people at Fairfield Haunted have thought ahead and provided chairs at the entrance so your feet don't get tired waiting to get in. This is a nice touch we'd like to see at more haunted houses.

As we first entered we were a little disappointed at having to go though the haunt in a group. In group tours, no one gets the same experience and more often than not a few people miss the scares entirely. It's also less fun when you're in a group that may be more or less in the Halloween spirit than you. But at Fairfield Haunted you're in for a theater-based experience rather than a typical haunted maze and bringing people through in groups seems to work well.

The Fairfield Haunted experience offers something different than what we're used to seeing.  We were led through the entire haunt as we were told the story of poor, dead, Betty Day.  We roamed through a spooky graveyard where she's buried. We attended Betty's funeral. We walked through the dark woods and the campground where she was murdered. We visited the nightmarish hospital where her life eventually ended, and other locales as Fairfield Haunted made excellent use of its Center for Creative Arts.  From the entryway to the auditorium, to backstage and out of the other side of the building - all areas offer spooky decorations and props.

Poor acting is the death (the bad kind not the good Halloween kind) of any haunt so it's good that the actors in Fairfield Haunted were some of the best we've seen in a haunt - never breaking character, spooky, with great make-up, costumes, and props. Our favorite was the creepy funeral director who welcomed us into the funeral of Betty Day.  He would have made a great impression simply by shaking our hands the way he did when we entered and exited but his character was weasel-y and weird and the actor playing the part nailed it. The other actors brushed up against us, tugged at our clothes, and playfully touched us as we attended Betty Day's funeral. Very unexpected and yet a welcome addition to the creepy atmosphere they were creating. Speaking of atmosphere, the special feature of the funeral, which we won't ruin for you, is something we haven't seen before in a haunt and a very cool effect!

If you're looking for a different and original haunt, this is the one for you. The acting is superb and the creep-factor is high.  We highly recommend a visit!

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When October 21, 22, 23, 28, 29, 30, 2005, 6 pm 10 pm
Where Fairfield Center for Creative Arts, 1035 W. Texas St., Fairfield
Admission $7 in advance; $9 at the door
Contact www.ci.fairfield.ca.us

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