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Dr. Evil's House of Horrors

16101 Neeley Rd., Guerneville

Reviewed 10/06/12 by Specter

We go to a lot of haunted houses. Most of them are fun but some rise above and leave you with a racing heart, a smile on your face, and an "I'll be back" on your lips. Dr. Evil's House of Horrors was just such a haunt on our recent visit.

You wouldn't call Dr. Evil's a fancy haunt, it has more of a junkyard quality to it that I find really appealing in a haunt. It reminds me of the haunted houses I used to attend as a child in the 70s. Back then you felt like there was a legitimate chance that you could be hurt or worse. They were run by teens and would take place in an actual abandoned house, there wasn't an overwhelming concern about safety, no ADA requirements, and more often than not, the big chainsaw scene involved a chainsaw that still had its chain. Now, Dr. Evil's is a perfectly safe haunt and run by adults who want you to have fun and be safe, but it still has that old-school vibe and that makes it just a little more exciting.

You'll find quite a few good startles and scares laced with humor as you make your way through Dr. Evil's twisted and contorted labyrinth. Forget the boxy construction of your typical haunted attraction. Dr. Evil's makes you work to get through their haunt. You'll climb, crawl, scramble, and push yourself through their ever confusing maze. And when I say confusing I mean we got lost. Not a little lost, a lot lost, like we were going to starve to death and they would use our corpses for props before we would find our way out. It was hysterically funny to begin with and made moreso by the way the actors kept in character and would offer us no help in finding our way out.

I went back through again by myself and I somehow managed to get more lost the second time than I did the first! A doorway I took the first time wouldn't open the second, a rotating passage that wasn't there the first, was the second. Even passages I fully remember going through somehow didn't seem like the right direction. It created a wonderful sense of discombobulation.

It was only after my second time through that we found out that the passages are changed regularly though they swear that they weren't changed between my first and second trip through, which makes my inability to find the way through that much more confusing. Of course it also means a second or third visit later in the season would be well worth the trip.

While I thought all the actors did a wonderful job I particularly enjoyed the depravity of Cletus who was willing to give an arm and a leg to make sure that we enjoyed our trip through and to the comedy stylings of the hydroponic people farmer, may you always appease those zombies.

In addition to the main haunt there is a smaller children's haunt that parents will feel comfortable sending their very little ones through. A variety of horror movies are projected for the viewing pleasure of those waiting in line, though getting wrapped up in the movie is the perfect opportunity for the numerous roaming actors to sneak up on you! As we relaxed after the haunt, the crowd was treated to several fire artists spinning, twirling, and throwing flames.

A great time was had by all and once again we highly recommend Dr. Evil's House of Horrors.

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When Oct. 5-6, 12-13, 19-20, 26-27, 31, 2012, 7 pm-10 pm
Where 16101 Neeley Rd., Guerneville
Admission $10
Contact www.doctorevilshouseofhorrors.com

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