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Dragon's Head Inn

631 West Spain St., Sonoma

Reviewed: 10/09/2004

We went back for our second stay at Dragon's Head Inn and had another good time!  

Upon our arrival, we were greeted by the very friendly manager of the Inn, a fastidious older gentleman dressed for our arrival in a top hat and coat, who stayed perfectly in character while telling us about the haunt. We were a little disappointed that one of the three attractions was not open yet (it opened the following Friday), but the admission price had been reduced to $5, making it more of a bargain than it already is. 

Plenty of people were roaming the grounds of the Inn, so we quickly took our place in the line for the main haunt, which moved at a good pace. We had plenty of time to look at the outside of the "Inn".  It's a little worn from wear, but that makes it look authentically decrepit. Last year there were very entertaining characters annoying us (in a good way!) while we waited in line, but there wasn't any of that going on the night we were there. We missed that because it's a little too dark outside to see any great distance and not much to keep the eye, or mind, entertained.

Once inside, we walked through the maze-like hallways that featured scary scenes and characters jumping out at us. There were a lot of the jump out scares, but that's not to say that's not effective. They merely became repetitive, which lessened their impact. The acting, what there was, was actually a little better this year than last year. Inside the haunt, kid actors, which normally do not really scare us, were very good. Somebody must have been to scare school.

The second attraction was very entertaining and featured a great "elevator" that shook our bones. This, along with other props, you might remember fondly from the Nightmare University haunt. There was a wonderful black-lit "head" room, an amusing body part room (but if you can't laugh at horror on Halloween, when can you?), and a very energetic jack-in-the-box that I (the Hauntmistress) thought was going to fly over the railing separating us and tackle the Hauntmaster (I was running away)!

One gripe that we seem to have with a lot of haunts this season - too much of the mechanics of the animatronics is visible.  A few more strategically placed props or covering of some sort would solve this problem. 

If you're visiting Dragon's Head Inn from the San Francisco area, it's a nice drive and you'll be glad you went!

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When Oct. 1 - 31, 2004, Fri. - Sat.: 7 pm - 10 pm, Oct. 31: 5 pm - 9 pm
Where 631 West Spain St., Sonoma
Admission $9 for three attractions
Contact http://www.dragonsheadproductions.com

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