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Dragon's Head Inn

631 West Spain St., Sonoma

Reviewed by Hauntmistress: 10/25/2003

A dragon's head at Dragon's Head Inn

Numerous spooky characters are there to entertain you inside and out of the haunts

The graveyard

Past visitor to Dragon's Head Inn

Spooky jump for the little ones

Evil clowns await in the Clown Vortex

Living in San Francisco and attending so many haunts per season, it was hard to fit Dragon's Head Inn in Sonoma into our schedule.  A missed opening night nearly knocked it out of our schedule. It turned out it's a good thing we managed to fit it back in because this ended up being one of my favorite haunts this year! 

From the minute we entered the gates, I knew I was going to like it!  The grounds were dark and there was a fun, festive atmosphere and tons of stuff to look at. They have a spooky graveyard that doesn't skimp on the fog, a main haunt, two smaller haunts, an inflatable jumper for the kids, and refreshments!

Roaming throughout the grounds and interacting with the people in line are numerous actors who stay in character and are alternately spooky, creepy, and funny.  In fact, there was so much interaction, I felt like I should get their contact information before I left so we could keep in touch!

Halloween night sounds like the night to be at Dragon's Head Inn because the wandering ghouls, goblins, and assorted creepy characters will be handing out candy to all the TOT'ers.

The main haunt, Dragon's Head Inn, is wonderful.  Upon entering in small groups, you are treated to a little show by two talking skeletons chained to the wall. (Those of you old enough to remember Abbott and Costello will find this amusing.) Then you go from room to scary room with actors jumping out at you and great props. We particularly enjoyed the snake room. Their hissing was a breath of fresh air. When you visit you'll find out what we mean. 

The Hauntmaster also thought the acting in the coffin room was excellent. A grieving woman sits in mourning, eerily silent, next to her deceased love, motioning for guests to come close and comfort her. A quick but good shock awaits those who venture for a closer look.

After recovering, we headed to Alice in Terrorland, a 3-D haunt.  Right from the beginning they give you a little shake to get the party going!  Then it goes from happy-go-lucky Alice to Alice doesn't live here anymore! The Hauntmaster wasn't too scared in this haunt. He led an interesting life in college and the haunt was decorated much like his garage at that time. He said he wouldn't have needed the 3-D glasses back then for the effects either but we have a "Don't ask, don't tell" policy so it will have to be up to imagination exactly what he means.

The 3-D artwork was artistically some of the best I've seen.  I loved the 3-D eyes and blood-splattered walls with handprints and writing, which was pretty funny. And the end will send you running!

Next, we headed for the Clown Vortex. I find clowns creepy and love vortex tunnels, so this was great fun for me! There were clowns jumping out of boxes, a neon doll-head room, and one of my favorites, a Scream mask room.  Those of you who attended Nightmare University last year in Marin will remember quite a few of these scenes fondly. (And for those of you who didn't go, shame on you. You missed a great haunt.)

All in all, we had a great time and we know you will to! And at only $8 for all three attractions, Dragon's Head Inn is one of the better values this Halloween.

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When Weekends, Oct. 3 - Nov. 1: 7 pm - 10 pm
Where 631 West Spain St., Sonoma
Admission $8
Contact http://www.dragonsheadproductions.com

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