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Dominic's Pumpkin Patch

Reviewed 10/04/08

Dominics Pumpkin Patch

Dominics Pumpkin Patch

Dominics Pumpkin Patch

Dominics Pumpkin Patch

Dominics Pumpkin Patch

Dominics Pumpkin Patch

So there we were, driving down Highway 1 with the Moss Landing power plant looming in the distance, when what should appear but pumpkins waiting for us at Dominic’s Pumpkin Patch!

The small patch is very picturesque and bordered by fields on two sides, Dominic’s Produce Market on one side, and Highway 1 on the other.

As you walk through the field of dirt and straw, there are little vignettes with very cute scarecrows surrounded by pumpkins. One scarecrow is in the driver’s seat of a tractor hauling a big inflatable pumpkin welcoming you to Dominic’s. Other scarecrows are waving at you, beckoning you to come find your favorite pumpkins, or taking a rest on hay bales.

There are many different varieties to choose from, including your standard orange, ranging in size from small to huge! There are helpful signs pointing out other types of pumpkins as well. There’s Jarradale, which is light green and ridged; Cinderella, which is more squat than round and is a deep orange color; Lumina, which are smaller and white; and Fairytale, which is a deep green color.

Dominic’s wants to keep their pumpkins safe and has a cute painted sign that says, “Please don’t pull our stems” and three pumpkins screaming in pain. I cringe when I see people holding their pumpkins by the stem, so this is a good warning!

The pumpkins are priced by circumference. When we hauled our three pumpkins by red wagon to the produce stand, our pumpkins were measured and we paid $26 for one big, one medium, and one small pumpkin.

The produce stand offers fruits, vegetables, drinks, and more, so if you’re in the area, stop by for some locally grown products and pumpkins!

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When Oct. 1-31, 2008, 10 am-6 pm
Where 62 Jensen Rd., Moss Landing
Admission Free
Contact 831-722-0181

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