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Dead Time Dreams Haunted Attractions

Santa Clara County Fairgrounds, 344 Tully Rd., San Jose

Reviewed 10/16/11 by Hauntmistress

Dead Time Dreams and World's Largest Haunted House have combined forces to bring you two haunted houses at the Santa Clara County Fairgrounds.

The first attraction you enter is Dead Time Dreams' Meat Factory, which is overseen by creatures from Doom. You will tour through room after room trying to escape a psycho mutant family of killers. At least this is what their website alludes to; I wasn't really too clear on the theme.

Upon entering the haunt, we waited in what looked to be an old parlor until one of the actors arrived and let us know we were in HIS house. This was a weak moment of the haunt for me. It was more like the actor was being rude rather than menacing or scary. And, he kept looking only at my male companion, not at me, so it was weirdly Alpha Male-challenging in a way. It was very difficult to hear him and unclear what he was trying to convey.

So after that pleasant exchange we continued on our merry way and our experience improved. The scenes were very well done and detailed. I was particularly impressed with the doll and toy rooms.

There were many actor-driven scares and the actors were completely in character and their make-up and costumes were excellent. A favorite actor of mine was a creepy girl in a wheelchair. But, that scare came at us from behind, so I hope people don't miss seeing her.

The haunt utilizes great sound effects and it's loud and disorienting inside. It seemed a little more "high-tech" than some of the haunts we've been to, with good props and the projection of mental patients on a screen at one point during our journey. This was mixed in with a few corny props like a spider on rails, but somehow it all worked together! All in all, a nicely done job.

After exiting Dead Time Dreams you are immediately in line for The World's Largest Haunted House (I think there should be better signage in front of both haunts so you know which you are entering).

In this haunt you walk through a dark maze and encounter scary scenes along the way. Again, I'm not sure there was a theme, but I was happy with this haunt. It has vastly improved since the last time we visited in 2006 when it was in Gilroy and was more of an empty warehouse than a haunted house.

Portions of the maze are very dark and I got disoriented a few times and needed to feel my way around. I loved this because we've been to a lot of haunts that tout their "darkness" but in actuality it's darker outside the haunt.

It really felt like a long walk through the haunt, but it only took us about eight minutes to get through. Long hallways separate scary vignettes, most with actors that jump out at you. I was pleased that they come at you from everywhere - top, bottom, in front, in back. They are very much in character, well made up, and very menacing. One drawback is that they sometimes immediately come after you when you turn the corner and encounter a scene, which made me walk a little faster to escape them. This made it hard to really see the scenes. The scenes I did get a good look at seemed pretty well done, but perhaps not as elaborate as Dead Time Dreams.

All in all, we had a pleasant time at both haunts and they complimented each other nicely and elicited quite a few screams.

It's cash-only for tickets so be sure to stop at the ATM on your way to the fairgrounds. There is an ATM on-site but it charges a service fee of $3.50. And, parking is $8.

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When Oct. 7-9, 14-16, 21-23, 28-31, 2011, Fri.-Sat. and Halloween 7 pm-midnight; Sun. 7 pm-11 pm
Where Santa Clara County Fairgrounds, 344 Tully Rd., San Jose
Admission $20
Contact www.deadtimedreams.com

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