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The Dead Hate the Living


Full Moon Productions 2000 Direct to Video

When novice movie director David Poe and his crew take over an abandoned hospital to film a horror movie, they discover a corpse and decide to incorporate it into their film. They accidentally bring the corpse back to life, and the director and his crew become trapped in the hospital with the undead and must do battle to remain alive.

As James Whale’s Frankenstein uttered in The Bride of Frankenstein, "Love dead. Hate living.''

Before Scary Movie so humorously spoofed the horror movie genre, there was The Dead Hate the Living.  Director Dave Parker embraces and acknowledges typical horror movie clichés and gives us a reason to laugh at the proliferation of scary movies out there and the seriousness with which some mainstream horror moviemakers attack the genre.

The concept of a movie-within-a-movie works well here because it helps to enhance the spoofing of the horror movie genre, while at the same time, making a suspenseful picture. Seeing the cast film Poe’s gory scenes, and then seeing them go through the same type of scenes in “real life” is definitely worth the rental fee. The fact that the cast does not seem completely surprised and horrified that the dead are undead adds to the campy-ness of the film.

Those who oppose the computer-generated graphics that have become so prevalent in horror movies at the expense of special effects make-up will find this movie a real treat. The CG in this movie is hard to find. Poe is making a low-budget movie and his best-friend Paul is in charge of creating the gory make-up and special effects. When watching the “real” movie, the special effects make-up is essentially the same, and the undead as scary looking as any CG could provide.

Parker has not made a horror movie to beat all horror movies, but he has made a movie that doesn’t take itself too seriously or treat the audience like it’s dumb.

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David Poe:

Eric Clawson


Jamie Donahue


Bret Beardsee

Shelly Poe:

Wendy Speake


Benjamin P. Moms


Rick Irwin


David Douglas


Matt Stemiens

Nina Poe:

Kimberly Pullis




Matthew McGrory


Arianna Albright




Dave Parker


Kirk Edward Hansen

Executive Producer

Charles Band

Prop Master

Steve Blakeley

Special Effects Make-Up

Thomas Surprenant and Don Rutherford



“Dead Hate the Living” by Penis Flytrap

“Cemetery Girl” by Penis Flytrap

“Now” by Penis Flytrap

“Dead and Gone” by Haunted Garage

“Party in the Graveyard” by Haunted Garage

“The Journey” by “Doc”

“Little Men Playing God” by Miles O’Reilly

Reviewed by: Hauntmistress


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