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Chamber of Chills

San Mateo County Fairgrounds, San Mateo

Reviewed by Hauntmistress: 10/08/2003

We attended and enjoyed last year's Chamber of Chills when it was in the Tanforan Mall, and this year's move to the San Mateo County Fairgrounds has only made the haunt even better!

The Chamber of Chills is meant to entertain, and that they do!  From the moment you buy your tickets and walk up to the haunt, there is always something to see and something to spook you.

The haunt features indoor rooms to scare and delight as well as an outdoor portion that is so well-done I didn't even realize I wasn't indoors anymore.

I am told that they put the haunt together in just 10 days, and after you attend you'll agree with me that that's an amazing feat!

The haunt features wonderful props and actors.  A few times I was convinced something was a static prop or an animatronic, only to learn that they were puppets, causing me to scream when they jumped out and scared me! Calling these creations "puppets" though is somewhat misleading. These aren't cute little puppets on strings or fuzzy Muppets, these are life size, human operated, props out for blood!

Chamber of Chills

Chamber of Chills

Chamber of Chills

Chamber of Chills

I liked the haunt's use of lighting, or lack of (the black corridor is a lot of fun) and the strategic use of fog.  The haunt is clearly laid out and there is just enough to look at in each room without being overwhelmed by props thrown in for the heck of it.  

A special Haunted Bay sound effects award for the realistic spooky sounds the actors make at the Chamber of Chills.  A favorite room of ours was the spider room with the hissing spiders.  We heard the hissing before we saw the spider and stopped dead in our tracks to see what was making the sound.  Then the spider jumped out at us and I jumped at the Hauntmaster.

Although the blood and gore have been toned down because of an agreement with the super family friendly San Mateo County Fairgrounds the Chamber is scary enough for teens and adults. I'm told the Chamber is kid-friendlier during the day so if you have very little ones, you may want to consider a day trip. Be prepared to yell Happy Meal if you get too scared though! They'll help you get out alive.

Although the crowds were light when we attended I've been assured that closer to Halloween there will be lines to get in. Don't worry though, the Chamber of Chills will keep you entertained with spooky props and costumed actors to interact with.

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Oct. 3 - Nov. 1: Mon. - Thur., 7 pm - 9 pm; Fri., 7 pm - 10 pm; Sat., 10 am - 10 pm; Sun., 11am - 6 pm


San Mateo County Fairgrounds, 2495 South Delaware St., San Mateo, next to the Spirit store






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