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Concord Cascade Haunted House

Concord Cascade Mobile Home Park, 245 Aria Dr., Pacheco

Reviewed 10/22/10 by Hauntmistress

I had my doubts about taking what precious little time is left of October and going to a haunted house in a mobile home park. I thought it would be cute and little, and I wanted something scary and big for the second to last weekend of the month. But I went anyway and I am happy to say that the Concord Cascade Haunted House sent all my stereotypes up in flames, as I had one of the best times I’ve had at a haunted house.

The haunt takes over what I assume is the community center of the very nice mobile home park. A woman gave us our tickets and directed us to a walkway covered by black plastic with signs saying the haunt is not for wimps. Great, I thought, black plastic and “warning” signs, this is going to be a waste of time. But at least it was only $5.

And then we entered. From the first room to the last, I was laughing and screaming. At one point I tried to do both at the same time and ended up choking.

The haunt takes place in the Silent Acres Recovery Center. You walk through a foggy, well-done graveyard to get there, and then take a fun “elevator” ride to the basement of the recovery center … for the mentally insane! From the lobby to the game room to the padded cell (wonderfully white and bright after all the darkness!) to the vortex tunnel, this haunt did not disappoint. It truly felt like an insane asylum and never strayed from its theme. It felt really long and by haunt standards, it was; it took us about 5 minutes to get through. They really utilized all the space that was given for the haunt to perfection.

Now let’s talk about the actors. They were wonderful! They were perfectly in character, extremely enthusiastic, and well costumed. And there were a lot of them screaming, sneaking around, and acting superbly in their scenes.

Normally after I go though a haunt I’m not interested in going back to the same one again until the next year. But I would (and may) go back to the Concord Cascade Haunted House again this year. They exemplify what you can do with great actors, enthusiasm, creativity, a few props, and home improvement supplies to create a wonderful haunting experience.

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When Oct. 22-23, 29-30, 2010, 7 pm-midnight
Where Concord Cascade Mobile Home Park, 245 Aria Dr., Pacheco
Admission $5
Contact www.concordcascadehauntedhouse.com

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