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Sony Pictures, 2005, Rated PG-13, 86 minutes

Tim (Barry Watson) gets scared
Tim (Barry Watson) gets scared

Tim (Barry Watson) at his mom's funeral
Tim (Barry Watson) at his mom's funeral

Tim (Barry Watson) talks to Franny (Skye McCole)
Tim (Barry Watson) talks to Franny (Skye McCole)

Tim (Barry Watson) needs to clean his bathtub
Tim (Barry Watson) needs to clean his bathtub

First things first Ė I am still afraid of most of the things I was scared of as a child. The dark, underneath my bed (itís not just about the dust), dark closets, and yes, the Boogeyman. With that being said, I feel that this had the potential to be a good movie, but the plot stalled and had holes. It is somewhat suspenseful and had a few jumps but it went for the big teen audience and the PG-13 rating so it couldnít do more to sustain interest.

In Boogeyman, Tim (Barry Watson from the Aaron Spelling nice as cherry pie television show 7th Heaven) was traumatized when he was eight years old - his dad would tell him bedtime stories that you wouldnít want to tell your children (unless of course you want them to grow up and be a fashion plate in a white strap-y jacket). So, what happens one night when Tim sees his father sucked violently into the closet, never to be seen from or heard of again? Who really knows, because the movie never really explains what happened after that. Except that his mother (Lucy Lawless from Xena: Warrior Princess) goes a little kooky and Tim lives mainly with his uncle (Philip Gordon). Fast forward, and Tim is a normal (well, OK, heís afraid of the dark, closets, and has some strange visions/nightmares) twenty-something guy.

Tim has apparently coped up until this point by eliminating Boogeyman sighting possibilities - no closets, bed on the floor, that kind of thing. Enter his stuck-up, rich girlfriend who wants Tim to meet her equally stuck-up family for Thanksgiving, gasp, at a house that actually has closets! While visiting, he gets a call from his uncle that his mother has died. Attending his mothers funeral forces Tim to return to his hometown and for some reason, to his now empty childhood home (although donít know why he would visit this house. I would have gone to the funeral, and then bye-bye, see yíall later, watch out for that thing that sucked my dad through the closet). At the house, he meets up with his childhood friend, Kate (Emily Deschanel). Donít know why she is thrown into the mix exactly, except to give us more possibilities for the Boogeyman to terrorize. Itís definitely not eye-candy (unless you are turned on by your librarian).

Tim decides to face his fears by spending a night in his old home. (Quick aside: Why is it that whenever anyone decides to face their fear in a horror movie they always do it completely alone? Nothing wrong with the moral support of friends!) He drifts through the dark, lonely house and rummages through old keepsakes and photographs, which of course bring back old memories (with flashbacks), which in turn cause his fear of the Boogeyman to return with a vengeance. Tim realizes he has to confront the Boogeyman to truly stop this evil once and for all. Along the way, he meets Franny (Skye McCole), a mysterious young girl he first glimpsed at his mothersí funeral. Turns out Franny herself was abducted by the Boogeyman and has come to help Tim learn what he needs to do to fight this thing (why did a stranger come to help instead of Timís dad?).

To reiterate, the plot is tiresome, the pace is extremely slow, certain parts do not make sense, and did I mention itís extremely slow? Sometimes this can be made up for with a really strong ending. Not the case with this movieís ending. Still not quite sure what happenedÖ But that may be because I dozed a little.

Iím sad to give this a bad review because Barry Watson is a likeable actor and did his best with what was given to him. But more importantly, I really wanted to like this so that I could praise one of my heroes Ė Boogeyman producer Sam Raimi, who was the screenwriter and director of the classics Army of Darkness, Evil Dead, and Evil Dead II: Dead by Dawn. Sorry Sam and Barry!

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Studio Sony Pictures
Genre Horror
Rating R
Length 86 Minutes
Color Yes
Sound Yes


Actor / Actress Character
Barry Watson Tim
Emily Deschanel Kate Houghton
Skye McCole Bartusiak Franny Roberts
Tory Mussett Jessica
Andrew Glover Boogeyman
Lucy Lawless Tim's Mother


Stephen Kay Director
Sam Raimi Producer
Rob Tapert Producer
Bobby Bukowski Cinematographer

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Reviewed by: Boolicious, Special Contributor to Haunted Bay, 09/05/2005


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