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Blind Scream Haunted House & Doc's Horrortorium

Manly Honda Superstore, 2770 Corby Ave., Santa Rosa

Reviewed 10/08/10 by Hauntmistress

Yes, you read the location above correct. This haut is at the Manly Honda Superstore in a big, cavernous building. This is a really unique place to have a haunt and it worked really well. There is plenty of space for the haunt to really decorate if they choose to and still leave room for people to congregate (a few places to sit would be nice).

This haunt features two attractions: Doc's Horrortorium and Blind Scream.

Doc's Horrortorium was a lot of fun and exciting. You enter a “museum” where you can walk around and look at all the creepy human and animal bones and “speciomen jars”, and broken doll heads. Then the Voodoo Queen lets you inside to begin your tour of the Horrortorium. The rooms are well decorated and the actors are great and look very scary. It seemed like a lot of thought was given to the best way to use the space in each room and where to place the actors and what they should do. This was a lot of fun.

Blind Scream wasn’t as good as Doc's Horrortorium for me. We were given a glow stick to light our way as we walked through a maze of black hallways. However, the overhead light in the building still manages to throw some light into the hallways, so we really didn’t need the blinding glow stick. The haunt amounts to a really long (really too long) maze of dimly lit hallways with little to no decorations but actors here and there popping out. The actors that are in this haunt do a good job, but you’d need 50 of them to fill the space.

You can buy tickets to both haunts for $18, otherwise it’s $12 for Doc's Horrortorium and $15 for Blind Scream.

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When October 8-10, 14-17, 20-24, 26-31, 2010, 7 pm-11 pm
Where Manly Honda Superstore, 2770 Corby Ave., Santa Rosa
Admission $18
Contact www.blindscream.com

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