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Blair Witch Experience

Hexan, DVD

The Blair Witch Project - Book of Shadows, Blair Witch 2 - The Blair Witch Series

The Blair Witch Experience is a new special limited edition boxed set available from Artisan Entertainment. It combines both of the Blair Witch movies as well as all three of the Blair Witch video games. Release of the boxed set seems to squelch rumors of a Blair Witch III any time in the near future.

The Blair Witch Project

"In October of 1994, three student filmmakers disappeared in the woods near Burkittsville, Maryland while shooting a documentary. A year later their footage was found."

College filmmakers, Heather Donahue, Joshua Leonard, and Michael Williams set out on a trip to document the legend and myths surrounding an entity known as the Blair Witch. At their first stop, Burkittsville, Maryland, we are told of the legend of the Blair Witch through a series of interviews with local residents. From here it's on to the woods themselves where the real story lies. Because it's here, in the woods, where the events surrounding the Blair Witch took place. The crew visits Coffin Rock, so named for it's shape and the civil war soldiers that were mysteriously killed, gutted, and arranged on it. After leaving Coffin Rock, they become lost despite their best efforts with map and compass. Frustrated, confused, and tormented by supernatural forces, they wander the forest, desperately trying to find their way out. They are never heard from again.

The magic of The Blair Witch Project is the wonderful blurring between fact and fiction that left so many of us wondering if this was real. In a world accustomed to Hollywood hype the art of storytelling has been almost completely lost in the wonders of special effects and science fiction. The Blair Witch Project brings us back to a time in our childhood when we told ghost stories around a campfire. Tales of witches, demons, and evil in the darkness, waiting, watching, and always just beyond explanation. What is in the darkness just beyond the campfire and what does it want?

The unique documentary within a documentary approach the filmmakers chose to tell the story combined with the real time filming and the completely improvised acting lent credence that what were were seeing was real. The characters didn't look like polished Hollywood stars. They were real people like you and I. You could identify with their reactions, their motivations, because they were perfect. Honest, real, without even a hint of contrivance.

A fine film it is but, The Blair Witch Project is slow, almost painfully so. This dogged pace would kill most modern movies. In The Blair Witch Project it adds a real life suspense element. The viewer experiences the same long hours of frustration and boredom the characters do, interspersed with with fast passed bursts of sheer terror. The documentary style, for once, serves to draw the majority in instead of alienating them.

Josh playing with camera at beginning of trip Josh playing with camera at beginning of trip

Heather Heather

Michael Michael

Josh Josh

Heather, scared out of her mind, pleads for forgivness Heather, scared out of her mind, pleads for forgivness 

Michael hunting down the lost Josh Michael hunting down the lost Josh

Another unique aspect is the constant first person view. At no point are you experiencing a point of view other than one of the principal characters. If at first this seems unusual it helps make sense of who is seeing what because each is carrying their own camera. It also adds a certain "you are there" type feeling which only adds to the suspense, mystery, and terror of the film.

While people generally fall into two distinct camps as to their opinion of the film, I believe the Blair Witch Project is a masterpiece and one of the must see films of our time. If you haven't seen the Blair Witch Project it's time to crawl out of your cave and rent it. If you haven't seen it in awhile it's time turn the lights off, lock the doors, and see it again!

For fans of the Blair Witch movies The Blair Witch Experience is an excellent buy. Two movies and three games plus and neat Blair Witch pendant for less than the price of one new release game. However, for the majority of people, it might be a better value to purchase or rent The Blair Witch Project and skip the sequel and games.

The DVD special features of Blair Witch Project include:

  • Director's and Producer's Commentary
  • Curse of the Blair Witch
  • Newly Discovered Footage
  • The Blair Witch Legacy
  • Biographies
  • Notes

The Blair Witch Experience Special Limited Edition Collector's Set includes:

  • The Blair Witch Project DVD
  • Book of Shadows Blair Witch 2 DVD
  • The Blair Witch Series Video Games:
  •    Volume I: Rustin Parr
  •    Volume II: The LEgend of Coffin Rock
  •    Volume III: The Elly Kedward Tale
  • A neat Blair Witch pendant on twine necklace

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Actor / Actress


Heather Donahue

Heather Donahue

Joshua Leonard

Joshua Leonard

Michael Williams

Michael Williams



Bob Eick

Executive Producer

Kevin J. Foxe

Executive Producer

Michael Monello


Gregg Hale


Robin Cowie


Dan Myrick

Co-Writer, Co-Director, Co-Editor

Eduardo Sanchez

Co-Editor, Co-Writer, Co-Director

Neal Fredericks

Director of Photography

Tony Cora

Music Composer, Performer

The Blair Witch Project - Book of Shadows, Blair Witch 2 - The Blair Witch Series

Reviewed by: Hauntmaster 5/03/2002


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