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Beach Street Haunted House

Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, Santa Cruz

Reviewed by: Hauntmaster 10/26/1999

We went to the Beach Street Haunted House in Santa Cruz this Sunday and I've just got to say that this is one of the best Haunted House we've ever been to. This blows Gyro's in San Jose out of the water. We went there and there were no lines, everyone was in good spirits (no pun intended), the actors were great, and the haunt was both professional and actually scary.

I can't tell you how many professional haunts I've been to where for safety and legal reasons they don't turn the lights down and the public just makes asses out of themselves. Very much unlike Gyro's, this haunt was fully staffed with actors, all the equipment worked, and there weren't miles and miles of security guards in the maze to make you feel like you were in a prison.

Beach Street actually let us go through in very small groups with the nearest people some 25 or 30 feet either ahead or behind us. The Hauntmistress and I got to go through by ourselves! One of the coolest things about this haunt is they actually have hidden cameras watching many of the 21 rooms of the haunt that are hooked up to monitors outside which allow people to see others getting scared. It's somehow comforting to watch others getting the cr*p scared out of them at the same point you did.

Spoiler Warning: Skip the next paragraph if you want to be surprised when you visit!

Particularly cool are the entrance and exit of the haunt. The first room you come into is a closet. Very narrow, very dark, and full of clothes. The natural instinct is to pause as you aren't sure you really want to go between the narrow racks. Then WHAM! The floor below you drops about an inch. It's simple and it doesn't do you any harm but what a shock! After that you get really moving! At the end you have to practically crawl out of the haunt through a cage. Be sure to look up though. You are actually under a giant chain link cage. Whatever is up there isn't happy either. The creature drags chains over the links creating a great clatter and the impression he is going to break through at any moment!

Ok...you can read again

They also have two graveyards on the grounds that you can informally walk through as well as food vendors, a mystic, palm and tarot card reader, three live shows outside of the haunt, a pumpkin patch, and several vendors hawking spooky items. The Beach Street Haunted House is on Beach Street in Santa Cruz. For those of you not familiar with Santa Cruz this is the street where the famous Beach Boardwalk is located. It's $9 to get in (compare this to Gyro's in San Jose which costs $17) and this comes with a free cup of hot apple cider and enough coupons from local merchants to more than cover the $9 you spent to get in.

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When October 7 - 17, Thursday - Sunday, 7 p.m.
October 22 - 31, 1999, Daily, 7 p.m.
Where Beach Street, Santa Cruz - Across from the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk.
Admission General admission is $9
Contact 831-460-3375
Beach Street Haunted House

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