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Hauntmaster, 09/02/2005 updated 09/14/2005

Pumpkin Skull
Pumpkin Skull

Flaming Skull
Flaming Skull

Jak O'Lantern
Jack O'Lantern

Close-up of detail on Pumpkin Skull
Close-up of detail on Pumpkin Skull

We're all familiar with the antenna balls that have been available for years. Jack in the Box has perhaps the most well known with its Jack Antenna Ball. While driving around with a smiling Jack on top of your antenna is fun, corporate shill may not be the message you want to send out to the world.

So what is a Halloween and horror enthusiast with a naked antenna to do?  

Thankfully the good people at JakPumpkin.com have the perfect solution. They've introduced a new exclusive line of eerie antenna toppers perfect for the Halloween and horror enthusiast. Currently there are three different antenna toppers, a Pumpkin Skull, a Flaming Skull, and a very evil looking Jack O'Lantern.

We received a set and we were immediately impressed by their quality and high level of detail. These aren't the foam or styrofoam balls you've seen around before. Each topper is made of durable yet light-weight molded vynil. The details are crisp and clear, free from any jagged edges or defects from the molding process. Painted details are also very accurate and highly detailed without any bleed or lack of coverage. While this level of detail may not be required for something most people will see at 70 mph as you pass them on the freeway, it's comforting to know the closer you let your friends get the more impressed they will become.

Each of the toppers are about 2" tall and the Pumpkin Skull and Jack O'Lantern are just over 2" deep. The Flaming Skull with its long trailing flames is just under 4" deep. Unlike foam antenna balls where you're inserting your antenna through a hole drilled through foam which can break down and eventually cause it to be blown off while driving, the plastic "snap-tight" insert ensures your topper will stay where you want it while still allowing you to remove it when you need to.

After noticing how well made and decorated each of the toppers were we selected two for mounting on our cars for road testing. Even after two months of of daily commute, being parked outside every day, blazing sun, heat waves, cold snaps, wind, fog, you name it, they still look beautiful. No fading, no cracking, and they still seat firmly on the antennas. In fact, the above photos of the Flaming Skull and Jack O'Lantern were taken after having been on our cars all that time.

Antenna Toppers are available for $5.99 each or in a three pack for $14.95 from JakPumpkin.com. Quantities are limited.

In closing I would like to mention that JakPumpkin.com is a Bay Area small business based in Santa Clara. Supporting Bay Area small businesses keeps money and jobs in the Bay Area.


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