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We at Haunted Bay are pleased that you are interested in linking your site to ours. In order for everyone to have a pleasant surfing experience we ask that you link only to our main page at this URL: http://www.hauntedbay.com/. Additionally, we ask that you do not frame our site in yours. Please target your link to either open a new window ( _blank) or to load as the top page ( _top).

If you prefer we have created several banners and icons in standard and non-standard sizes that you may use as graphical links:

Haunted Bay Standard Banner

Size: 6k  Dimensions: 468 x 60


Haunted Bay Tall/Thin Banner

Size: 8k  Dimensions: 400 x 100


Haunted Bay Square Button

Size: 4k  Dimensions: 125 x 125


Haunted Bay Button (#1)

Size: 3k  Dimensions: 120 x 90


Haunted Bay Micro Button

Size: 2k  Dimensions: 88 x 31



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