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Fright Nights Returns to
the Winchester Mystery House

9/02/2012 by Hauntmistress

Winchester Mystery House's Fright Nights 2012

Winchester Mystery House's Fright Nights 2012

Winchester Mystery House's Fright Nights 2012

Winchester Mystery House's Fright Nights 2012

Winchester Mystery House's Fright Nights 2012

There will be no sophomore slump for the Winchester Mystery House’s Fright Nights this year, as the production has been taken up a notch, with more than 100 spine-chilling characters and surprises around every corner.

Sarah Winchester’s world-famous house in San Jose is open for tours year-round, but for Halloween the house and estate are transformed into a terrifying Halloween experience with two lengthy attractions - an award-winning, interactive maze and a spooky flashlight tour.

Curse of Sarah Winchester: The Resurrection is an interactive, multi-sensory gateway between Heaven and Hell. You will travel through the corn fields of the Winchester Mystery House, into the haunted ruins of the family graveyard (actually a real pet cemetery - make sure you pay your respects to Baron and Spirit), and ultimately, have a showdown with Sarah herself as she presides over one of her infamous séances (the bell tower, which chimes during the pre-show of Fright Nights, is the same one that Sarah used in her nightly séance!). Pay special attention to the carriage in the pumpkin patch scene below Sarah’s bedroom. It is actually an authentic buggy that was owned by the Winchester rifle heiress. In addition to highly detailed scenes, you’ll find more than 100 performers who bring the Curse of Sarah Winchester maze to life every night. At 40-minutes long, this is one of the longest haunted attractions on the West Coast.

As if that’s not enough to get you excited for a visit, don’t forget there’s another attraction – the mansion itself!  You can tour the rambling, mysterious mansion in near darkness in the 35-minute Walk With The Spirits Flashlight Tour. You’ll receive a souvenir flashlight to illuminate your way through the bewildering labyrinth of rooms and stairways. Five rooms you pass through in the tour are actually renowned for being haunted. Paranormal investigations were held in the Séance Room, Sarah’s Bedroom, Daisy Bedroom, Main Ballroom, and Basement by SyFy Channel’s Ghost Hunters and Travel Channel’s Most Haunted. And, if you look hard enough you will see Sarah’s recurring theme of 13, which was tied to her infamous home and also themed into various elements of Fright Nights.

Resurrecting Fright Nights for its second year is producer Brett Tomberlin, President of Imagination Design Works, who is also a producer of a supernatural horror film currently in development based on the house’s legendary story.

“I’m thrilled to not only be producing the second annual Fright Nights attraction but also producing the feature film based on Sarah Winchester’s legendary story,” said Tomberlin. “Taking a note from history, we’ve created the Fright Nights attraction on the grounds of a real haunted house and one of Northern California’s largest haunted attractions. Guests are continually impressed with the high-quality production value which is attributed to the top-notch talent we employ from the leading studios in the nation. We also use local scare actors who are deeply familiar with the legend and who they themselves probably grew-up roaming the haunted rooms of the Mansion. While there may be other similar attractions, this is the only one that will make you wonder if the scares and thrills you experience are real or if there is an underlining truth to them.”

The Winchester Mystery House is a California State Historical Landmark and was designed and built by Winchester rifle heiress, Sarah Winchester. Listed as the Travel Channel’s 2nd most haunted place, reports have said that for a lifetime, Sarah built and rebuilt her house to avoid a treacherous curse and to escape the legacy of death. Some say it sort of worked - since her death, millions of people have visited her home and many have reported sighting ghosts. Perhaps you will too!


When Sept. 28-30, Oct. 5-7, 12-14, 18-21, 25-31, Nov. 2-3, 2012, see website below for times
Where 525 S. Winchester Blvd., San Jose
Admission Pre-sale tickets from Aug. 1-Sept. 9: $35 or $50 VIP; From Sept. 28-Oct. 14: $40 or $55 VIP; From Oct. 15-Nov. 3: $45 or $60 VIP (VIP tickets include front of line access)
Contact www.winchestermysteryhouse.com

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