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Need something to spruce up that boring desktop? Haunted Bay recommends Webshots Desktop Software, a free program to rotate your desktop wallpaper.

With Webshots you can automatically change your wallpaper every time you start your computer. This can be easily customized to rotate desktop images in increments of: 15 minutes, 30 minutes, one hour, one day, four days, a week, or never if you really love your desktop. Although, if you use the last option there really isn't any point in using the software is there? For the more adventurous you can even hit the keyboard shortcut [Ctrl+Shift+W] to randomly rotate the desktop wallpaper or have Webshots automatically download a daily image from the web.

You can even use Webshots as a screen saver. With the screen saver option enabled you can set options for when the screen saver will start, how long each image will be displayed, and if you want the title of the image displayed. Several transition options are available if you want your images to sweep in or perform a more grand entrance. For the security minded you can also set a password for your screen saver just like in your operating system.

Webshots also allows you to add images from your hard drive or connect to the Webshots website to download thousands of images by both professional and amateur photographers and artists. Organization is easy too. You can download groups of themed images such as our favorites, the Fall Colors Collection and Halloween Photos 1 & 2 or you can create your own groups with just a few mouse clicks.

By joining the Webshots Community you can even make your best photos and artwork available to the world or just you friends and family. Signing up is painless but unlike the software, which doesn't ask for any information, they do ask for your name, birth date, gender, and zip code.

You can download Webshots (~1.5 MB zipped) at the Webshots website or jump directly to the download option by clicking here.


  • Free

  • Easy to use and customize

  • Lots of photos + easy photo search

  • Maintains screen saver password protection


  • No coordinated themes (minor point, Webshots does performs it's core function quite well)

  • Most images are for low resolution (800x600 and lower) screen settings

  • Not all images scale gracefully to higher screen resolutions

  • Runs in the Windows system tray

Webshots is part of the Excite family of websites. Webshots and Excite are service marks of At Home Corporation. All rights are reserved by the service mark holder.



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