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Bride of Spookycon

Spookycon 2004

San Francisco's only horror convention returns on Halloween weekend this year. The Bride of Spookycon comes to the Radisson Miyako in Japantown on Halloween Weekend (October 30th and 31st) from noon until midnight featuring a full lineup of activities to appeal to those interested in the dark genres of entertainment.

Special Guests

Special guests are scheduled for question and answer sessions including: Gabe Bartalos (spfx artist Leprechan, The Cremaster Cycle, Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2), Warren Ellis (author of Transmetropolitan and Global Frequency), Christa Faust (author Control Freak, Hoodtown), Brian Freisinger (VFX artist on Queen Of The Damned, 13 Ghosts, Matrix Reloaded, Matrix Revolutions, and Constantine), Rain Graves (author The Gossamer Eye), Tatiana Maslany (actress Ginger Snaps Unleashed), Emily Perkins (Ginger Snaps, Ginger Snaps Unleashed, Ginger Snaps Back, X-Files, Dead Like Me), Brett Sullivan (director Ginger Snaps Unleashed), and Bernie Wrightson (artist Swamp Thing, Batman, The Punisher).

Dealers and Autograph Tables

Dealers this year include the SF Vampire Tour, Morbid Curiosity Magazine, Retrodiva, The Alchemic Dragon, Artist Devon Devereaux, author Thorne Coyle and Catalyst Studios. Autographs by our guests will be available in the same room throughout the convention. Check the Spookycon website for any specific scheduling that may be imposed.

Spookycon Costume Ball AND Contest

The Spookycon Costume Ball starting at 9pm until midnight with DJ Shatter (Die Maschienen, Bondage a Go Go) on Saturday night and DJ Fernando (Assimilate) on Halloween evening! At 11pm, we will have the Spookycon Costume Contest, with a $100 cash prize per night and other prizes by Lion's Gate Films, Sideshow Toys, Chad Savage, and October Effigies.

Movie Screenings

A screening of Skinned Deep (starring Warwick Davis) at 7pm Saturday! A screening of Ginger Snaps: Unleashed (starring Emily Perkins and Tatiana Maslany) at 7pm Halloween evening!

Full Bar & Goodies

A full bar will be available during the convention to members that are 21 and up, and founding members will have access to private parties held after midnight! All registrations include the Spookycon Grab Bag, a polyvinyl bag of goodies from our sponsors.

A full schedule of all events and activities as well as a list of where to buy tickets is available on the Spookycon website.


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