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Take a Bite Out of Halloween Treats


Halloween is a time when the vampire fangs come out in full force. However, for Dr. Stephen Yao's orthodontic patients in San Jose, CA - certain sweet treats can bite back. For the past 11 years, he has sponsored a candy buyback program.

Again this year, Dr. Yao will award his orthodontic patients and anyone who wants to join in from the community, $1 for every pound of candy donated. Braces for Pretty Faces will match dollar for dollar the total cash award distributed and donate the amount to a local charity in the area. Local SPCA, churches, and women shelters have been recipients in the past. In addition, all candy collected is donated to the U.S. troops. Chocolate candy is donated locally to the armed forces and the hard candy is sent to the troops overseas.

"It's no treat when candies and other treats that are hard, chewy, sticky or crunchy cause damage to braces," commented Dr. Yao. "A broken bracket or loose wire may prolong treatment and require an additional orthodontic appointment which is inconvenient for working parents and interferes with school schedules. As part of October's National Orthodontic Health Month, we began sponsoring our local candy drive years ago."

This year, Braces For Pretty Faces will give matching charitable donations to the Big Brothers and Big Sisters of the Bay Area. Local dental practices in San Jose also participate and donate their cash to this great cause in support of their efforts.

Dr. Yao further added, "Our candy buyback program not only provides resources for nonprofit organizations in the area, school programs, and our troops, it is teaching kids the rewards of random acts of kindness and generosity."

Candy will be collected at both Braces For Pretty Faces office locations in San Jose, CA the first week after Halloween.


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