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Free Costumes from PreschoolRock.com

August 30, 2007

Looking for another alternative to the routine of hunting for costumes for you or your children on craigslist? If so, you may be interested to know that free Halloween Costumes are available on PreschoolRock.com.

PreschoolRock.com has partnered with AnytimeCostumes.com for its 2nd Annual Halloween Costume Exchange to offer free Halloween costumes to visitors of the PreschoolRock.com website.

The staff at PreschoolRock.com and AnytimeCostumes.com understands the difficulties parents have with finding affordable Halloween costumes for their children, especially parents with several children. Therefore, PreschoolRock.com is very proud to kick off the 2nd Annual Halloween Costume Exchange this year with dozens of Halloween costumes and accessories donated by AnytimeCostumes.com. All Halloween costumes and accessories are free; there is only a minimal shipment cost, which is agreed upon between the donator and the parent.

Parents seeking Halloween costumes for their whole family can visit PreschoolRock.com and search through the listings of Halloween costumes, masks and accessories for adults and children of all ages and sizes. When they find the items they’d like, they can use the email address provided next to the item to contact the donator and arrange shipment.

Parents with outgrown Halloween costumes are encouraged to donate Halloween costumes to the 2nd Annual PreschoolRock.com Halloween Costume Exchange to help other parents find free Halloween costumes for their children. Parents using the PreschoolRock.com online form to donate a Halloween costume will be rewarded with 10% off a new Halloween costume from AnytimeCostumes.com. So instead of throwing out your child’s previously worn Halloween costumes, donate them to the Halloween Costume Exchange to help other parents and get a discount on a new costume.

Please visit www.PreschoolRock.com to search the free Halloween costume listings or to donate a Halloween costume for the Halloween Costume Exchange.


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