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December 2001

12-27-01 Bigfootmobile rolls down the big highway NCBuy

12-22-01 Apparitions love Canada Canada.com

12-21-01 Scared to death National Post

12-20-01 Class never ends Zwire

12-19-01 Mummies and McDonalds Scotsman

12-19-01 Potter still drawing heat BBC

12-18-01 Sloth or Amazon Bigfoot? Yahoo

12-17-01 Control your boss with panty soup Ananova

12-14-01 Concord witch trial continues SFGate

12-14-01 Afghanistan: Casting out evil a full time job Radio Free Europe

12-13-01 UNESCO asks Romania to move Draculaland Ananova

12-12-01 Buffy actor says house haunted Ananova

12-12-01 Area 51 on strike National Post

12-11-01 Potter debate continues Australian

12-07-01 Writer 'solves' Ripper mystery Ananova

12-06-01 Search for Atlantis continues off Cuba ABC News

12-06-01 Pastor guilty in botched exorcism Yahoo

12-05-01 Italian's use magic for sunny New Year's Ananova

12-03-01 Modern day Dracula in India Ananova

12-03-01 Elderly consume living news at 11 BBC

12-03-01 Ghost tour turns scary Ananova

12-03-01 Crypto zoology on its way to a classroom near you HearaldTribune

12-01-01 Angel give secret to witch doctor Ananova


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