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November 2002

12/04/02 UFO's in 15th century paintings News.com

12/03/02 Ghost train Telegram Online

12/03/02 Bigfoot researcher dies NCBuy

11/15/02 A flurry of Sasquatch sightings Canada.com

11/14/02 Harry Potter's haunted bathroom NCBuy

11/14/02 Ghostbusters clean hospital of noisy ghosts TriValleyHerald

11/14/02 Mothman craze Dailymail

11/13/02 Friendly pub ghost icWales

11/10/02 Nessie goes AWOL Ananova

11/06/02 Girl haunted by goblins Herald

11/05/02 Witch invited to meet Queen Ananova

11/05/02 Spooky ghosts of the Northeast Saratogian

11/04/02 Swamp monster halts road Ananova

11/02/02 Do you believe in ghosts? PhillyBurbs

11/02/02 Ghost tale of Newton PhillyBurbs

11/01/02 Researchers detect ghost DailyPress

11/01/02 Porn interrupts ghost hunt Ananova


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