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November 2001

11-29-01 Principal linked to voodoo Detroit Free Press

11-29-01 Mayor banishes Satan St. Petersburg Times

11-28-01 Do you see dead people? Phillyburbs

11-28-01 'Witchcraft' plays role in Brazil murders Washington Post

11-28-01 Fear of witchcraft prompts camp closure Excite

11-27-01 Watch your penis BBC

11-27-01 House comes with body Philly.com

11-25-01 Legends growing big in California SFGate

11-19-01 Why do ghosts wear white? Scotsman Online

11-16-01 Bush's ranch cursed Washington Post

11-14-01 Scotland's haunted clothes Ananova

11-09-01 Wiccan accused of homicide News-press

11-09-01 Ghosts aren't scary, this is scary Yahoo

11-08-01 Ghost hunters spooked by ghosts Ananova

11-06-01 Bishop exercises stadium Ananova

11-05-01 Romanian witches booming BBC

11-03-01 Teens chunk punkins for record Washington Post

11-02-01 Malaysian witches convicted of murder BBC

11-02-01 Governor exonerates Salem witches Ananova

11-01-01 Day of Dead honors WTC Nando

11-01-01 New Chupacabras attacks in Mexico Ananova


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