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October 2003

10/31/03 Quest for Halloween alternative BBC

10/31/03 Weird NJ NJ.com

10/31/03 Vampire killing kit auctioned for 12k Ithaca Journal

10/31/03 Boo! It's the bunny man Washington Post

10/31/03 Duck pond apparition New River Currant

10/31/03 Ghost hunting tips Salt Lake Tribune

10/31/03 Paranormal investigation a 'sensitive' subject Arizona Daily Star

10/31/03 Ghosts among us Sun-Sentinel

10/31/03 Pottsgrove Manor The Mercury

10/26/03 Bay Area final resting place to notorious Times-Star

10/26/03 Haunted Rhode Island ProJo

10/26/03 Ghost terrorizes Carlisle Sentinel

10/26/03 Ghostly St. Louis GoMemphis


10/26/03 Ghost town Bozeman Daily

10/26/03 The south's most haunted small town Tallahassee Democrat

10/25/03 A ghost story Marietta Times

10/25/03 Hallowfest dies down SFGate

10/24/03 Legend of Bell Witch remains alive MSN

10/21/03 Ghostly hotel guest Portland Tribune

10/21/03 Haunted Boise Idaho Statesman

10/21/03 Spooky Portland Portland Tribune

10/00/03 Living with ghosts TownTalk

10/19/03 Living with ghosts TownTalk

10/19/03 Spooky doins among the ruins Canoe

10/19/03 No really, Elvis has left the building Tennessean

10/19/03 Spooky places to visit aren't scarce KnoxNews

10/19/03 Restaurateur says his place is haunted Alameda Times-Star

10/19/03 State penitentiary hot spot for ghosts Review

10/19/03 Invisible roomers never complain DenverPost

10/19/03 Legend of Hannah Creek Fayetteville

10/18/03 Witches of Ina Court Contra Costa Times

10/18/03 Ghost stories Albuquerque Tribune

10/00/03 Candy Recall SFGate

10/17/03 Candy Recall SFGate

10/15/03 Pumpkin sings its siren song to chefs SFGate

10/14/03 Aurora heights poltergeist could be settlers Yorkregion

10/14/03 Signs you have a haunted house NCBuy

10/14/03 Evil eye for novelty contacts NCBuy

10/13/03 Halloween mask suicide WFIE

10/13/03 Haunt your house for Halloween MSN

10/12/03 Ghosts ride the river Cincinnati Enquirer

10/11/03 Decorating for Halloween Alameda Times

10/10/03 Dee Snider's Halloween music NCBuy

10/10/03 Haunted house rated X FoxNews

10/10/03 Halloween tips from Guam GuamPDN

10/10/03 Boo bounty! ModBee

10/10/03 Children share ideas for Halloween costumes Fort Record

10/09/03 Haunted house removes asylum over complaints SignonSanDiego

10/09/03 Homemade costumes leafchronicle

10/09/03 Going on a ghost hunt News Sentinel

10/09/03 Fighting Halloween fears Ipswich Chronical

10/09/03 Horses to get in Halloween spirit Record-Journal

10/08/03 U.s. Government employee ghouls as a weapon NCBuy

10/08/03 Chico cracking down on Halloween again Orion

10/08/03 Pet costumes NCBuy

10/07/03 Halloween brings retailers sweet sales Herald Tribune

10/07/03 Halloween horrors - ghastly delights Review Journal

10/07/03 Scare up some stellar costumes MSN

10/07/03 Sunny and scary MSN

10/07/03 Wes Craven gets lifetime horror achievement award NCBuy

10/07/03 Arthur celebrating Halloween with new episodes Businesswire

10/06/03 More women than men watch scary movies in the dark

10/06/03 Sting believes in ghosts Ananova

10/05/03 That's show business Review Journal

10/04/03 Frightful shopping numbers Oakland Press

10/04/03 Ghosts on call Coloradoan

10/03/03 Capital ghosts don't come out just on Halloween Daily Herald

10/03/03 Ghostly tours help you find the boobird of happiness Cleveland.com

10/03/03 An erratic ghost Edmonton Journal

10/03/03 Sexy schoolgirl and gladiator top costumes NCBuy

10/01/03 It's Halloween season Washington Times

10/01/03 Ghosts get overlooked Mid Sussex


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